American Craft Beer Fest Review Boston, MA


In this American Craft Beer Fest Boston, MA review we are going to cover attendee reviews, ticket prices, tips, and what you can expect from this event.

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It’s not your average beer and cider festival, it’s praised as one the liveliest events of the year attracting scores of beer and hard cider enthusiasts nationwide such as Grant Arbitter who said, “I had a great time! Good cider and selection, got to meet with a lot of Brewers and talk shop about what to make next. Great crowd and all had fun!”

Attendee Reviews and Testimonials american_craft_beer_fest_boston_4-2

“HUGE festival with a large number of beers. Super fun experience that is totally worth it. Don’t forget to bring your ID. There is food inside that you can buy, lots of people bring pretzel necklaces to snack on.”

One gentleman traveled all the way from the great state of New York to try his hand on various craft beers. He said:

“Beer = good.

120 brewers + 500 kinds of beer = amazing.

Me drinking those beers = very, very happy.

Line to get in was very long, but the lines at each brewer moved pretty quickly.  Got to meet a lot of nice people and drink some amazing beer (and a couple of beers which I wanted to spit out).  Heavy on Northeast/New England breweries which is to be expected, but overall a great mix.

I went on Friday night, the event was run pretty well as far as I could tell.

Tickets were $50, but the experience was priceless.” – Bill T.

Though there were scores of positive experiences from many who traveled cross-country featured on yelp, some halfway around the world, there was one review from beer tourist Sally C., McKinney, Texas, who made the following comments about 2015’s event that weren’t so favorable.

Below is a condensed version of her account at 2015’s American Craft Beer Fest pointing out two critical issues being addressed by event coordinators, promoters and supervisors:

“We’ve been to SCORES of beer festivals because we are beer tourist. Did we enjoy the beer at this event?  We’re the facilities agreeable? Was the price reasonable?  Did we feel satisfied with the quantity & quality of beer on offer?  Yes to all. But…

…there were TWO major issues that need to be addressed.

First, we came to massive lines waiting 45 minutes in blistering heat with no shade, so by the time we were thru the doors we felt heat stroked.

The event was so oversold that not only were we herded through an epic line like cattle to get in, every single taste we had required a wait in line. You basically spend the entire event IN LINE. Very disappointing.

My two cents?

Charge more and let fewer people in.

You could only sing the praises of this event if you hadn’t been to others that have this element figured out.  Beer events are not meant to be a 4 hour long “line ride”!”

We know not all things are sunshine and roses. Even we had our challenges starting up Michigan’s Cider Dayz Festival, however, we felt it was fair to provide an alternative view to the overwhelming positive reviews of American Craft Beer Fest so you have a balanced outlook on what you can expect upon arrival to this event.

 American Craft Beer Fest Tips, Secrets and Facts 


* There are plenty of places to get free water be it to wash your cup or personal consumption (gotta’ make room for all that beer!)

* No need to worry about food because it’s all in one convenient spot. Alternatively, bring a pretzel necklace to munch on. All that walking and drinking is bound to make you hungry.

* Beer lines at this event are LOOOOONG. But don’t be alarmed. They move fast.

* You get to sample great beers generally unavailable in MA as well as local favorites

* Pace yourself. It’s exciting to have so much beer variety at your fingertips, but you can get a little tipsy too fast if you’re not careful.

* Arrive 40 minutes early. You won’t get cranky, there aren’t as many people when you first walk in and it’s easier to make a beeline for specific tables you want to go to.

* Make a list of your top beers you want to try and have a plan before you go.

* Sometimes the event shuts down 10 minutes early, so factor that into your timing.

* Want to try the most beers? Go in the lines with the smaller, least known breweries. The longer lines are typically for the larger craft beer distributors you can easily get at any restaurant so no need to waste your time if you want the most bang for your buck.

* They do NOT sell discount tickets to DD’s (designated drivers) or people who don’t want to drink. Either factor this into the cost of attendance for your driver or set it up so they are preoccupied for 3 hours enjoying the city of Boston or participating in some other activity meantime.

* Do NOT drink before hand. Sample size portions are generous and wait times in lines are short. You get four samples a booth from 80 booths.

* Take a cab or Uber, preferably, Uber. They offer good deals hard to beat and if everyone wants to drink, everyone can without one ‘taking one for the team’.

* Be sure to bring verifiable ID. Can’t enter without it. 21 years and older.

* Don’t try to sample every drink there. It can’t be done. Instead target the brews you’re LEAST familiar with to surprise yourself with a new staple drink.

* There is no such thing as “too much brew”. Enjoy!

Tickets! Get Yer’ Craft Beer Fest Tickets Here!   

So how much are these coveted tickets to American Craft Beer Fest Tickets going to run you?

$45 – $55 smackeroos.

A bit on the higher-end you would think, but look on the bright side. You can sample dozens of different beers within a 3hr time window and leave a happy chap.

Most festivals that charge similar amounts and place sample *limits* on your consumption (“good for 15 beer samples*). If the average is 15 samples per $45 ticket on the low-end of most beer festivals, $45 x 3 = $135 for 45 samples vs. $45 for 45 samples+ by the end of the event or, $1 per sample. This is virtually unheard of in the best festival community.

In our opinion, the ticket price is a highway robbery. Take advantage of it while you can.

Where Is The American Craft Beer Fest Located?

The event is held at Seaport World Trade Center Boston – Boston, MA 02210 on South Boston Waterfront.

By the way, the Cider Dayze Festival is just around the corner for a fun road trip with friends and family to Michigan’s best for even more exclusive beer and hard cider selections.


So there you have it. That’s the American Craft Beer Fest review in a nutshell.

Currently, the event has been postponed while organizers make needed adjustments to ensure you receive the best drinking experience at future events.

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