American Hard Cider – Made from Real Apples


So just HOW good is Blake’s hard cider? Good. Darn good. Here’s real solid proof why:

Is Blake’s Hard Cider The BEST American Hard Cider?

Lindsey Rae Kubisz said, “Great wine, cider, and food!! Definitely going to come again”

“Hands Down you guys had the BEST cider of WNC Ciderfest! The El Chavo was amazing” — Lucy Bradley

“Had the beard bender tonight and the catawampus… Yumm! Can’t wait to try more!” — Joe Salvaggio

“The hard cider (El Chavo; our favorite), was great and unique! Loved the wine options, (Cranberry & Riesling my favorites).” — Christine Rekar

And lastly, Chris Hagan tagged us and said, “Love their products. El Chavo is amazing. Just cooked brats in CataWampus and I’m addicted”

Here at Blake’s we hate to toot our own horn. That’s why we let average folks including some friends, family and total strangers, speak on our behalf.

If our drink selections were disliked by the majority, it would be pretty tough to tell you to run out to your local Kroger or Meijer grocery store now to grab yourself a 6-pack (or two) of Blake’s Hard Cider before they go out of stock, which happens quite frequently. We’d hate for you to miss out (smiles)



We’d love to invite you to come visit us at 17985 Armada Center Rd. Armada, MI 48005 when your in town, give us a call at 586-784-9463 or shoot us an email at: if you have any questions or inquiries and **check out our website** product updates and news releases.

Also, be sure to go to your local Meijer and/or Kroger grocery store to grab yourself a 6-pack (or two) of our hard cider today!

And if this review didn’t have you salivating at the mouth by now and prove we have the best American hard cider by now, here’s even more proof of what some of our visitors and drinkers had to say about our hard cider drinks all from various Facebook comments, messages and responses:

Debbie Meek said, “We tasted many and left with 6 bottles of hard ciders and wines, which we shared with our holiday guests. They were a hit, we had something to please all palates. Enjoying a glass of winter cranberry as I write this, very nice!”

“The flannel Mouth hard cider was delicious and the cherry wine is to die for!” — Jessica Jacques

Lastly, Daniel McDaniel said, “Flannel mouth is awesome

Until next time, my friend, have a glass on us.

P.S. Blake’s Fun Fact: Did you know at one point, cider was worth MORE than gold.

For 200 years between the 16 and 1800’s, it was a game of “he who has the best cider wins” to attract motivated employees and the strongest efficient workforce because 80% of a workers wages was paid…

…in cider.

In 1887 a law titled the “Truck Amendment Act” made it illegal to continue this practice.


If only our Blake employee’s took hard cider as payment, we’d be ‘rollin’ in the dough’. Or, shall we say, “swimmin’ in the cider” (ha ha!)

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