Blake’s Hard Cider in Wisconsin: Better than AppelTreow?


The battle begins! Blake’s Hard Cider or AeppelTreow Winery and Distillery. Who wins? Click here to find out!

In this mini-review, we’re going to cover AeppelTreow and other Wisconsin hard cider producers.

If you’d like check out our selection you can visit us here at our website and look for our selections in your local Wisconsin Meijer grocery store.

 ** AeppelTreow Winery & Distillery Hard Cider Better Than Blake’s? ** 


AeppelTreow is known to use locally grown fruit with a minimalist approach that allows for subtle flavors to shine through their selections which includes Orchard Oriole Perry, Kinglet Bitter Cider, Barn Swallow Cider, Red Poll Cider, Bunting Berry Cider, and Sparrow Spiced Cider.

Everyone has a personal preference. We can’t say if we are better than another hard cider company because the only cider business we judge is ourselves.

Frankly, we love our competition. They raise the bar for everyone improving the drinking experience for everyone as a whole – ourselves included.

Here are a more cider businesses worth mentioning in the state of Wisconsin:

Bayfield Winery – since fermenting their first batch of win the mid 90’s, Bayfield now has 12 varieties to choose from ranging from very dry to very sweet using apples, pears, cranberries, blackberries, and raspberries.

Captain’s Walk Winery – you can enjoy a plate of truffles along with delicious crackers and real Wisconsin cheese as you enjoy a glass of cider in a laid-back environment. Their cider is made with Kewaunee grown apples and available in two varieties – Door County Cherry and Wisconsin Maple. A small selection, sure, but packs a helluva’ punch!

Cider House of Wisconsin – it all began with a couple of knuckle headed children climbing apple trees in Grandma’s backyard. From there Cider House began growing one antique cider cultivar tree at a time. There not a major operation by any means, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you’re in the Macfarland, Wisconsin area, you must try “Meoweewoweee”. It’ll have you purring like a baby kitten.

Ciderboys Hard Cider – started by a ragtag group of nerds (their words, not ours), they put their heads together to come up with unique blends to give their cider a different twist. Magic Apple Strawberry, for example, is a blend of fresh strawberries packed with mouth watering sweetness and delicate hints of tartness.

The Ela Cider Company – founded in 2013, by John, Tom, and Sue Ela, they are committed to producing the best apples in the world to make the best “jaw dropping hard cider” you’ve ever had. We wish them much success!

Island Orchard Cider – Island Orchard specializes in a Normandy-style sparkling hard cider similar to dry, apple champagne. These are hard corse ‘ciderist’ who aren’t afraid to get their hands a little dirty to make the perfect cider.

Maiden Rock Winery and Cidery – Located in Stockholm, Wisconsin, Maiden Rock’s unique collection of hard ciders such as Lake Pepin Semi-Dry Still, Honeycrisp Hard, and Crabby Cider set’s it apart from other local cideries nationwide.

Mershons Artisan Cider – it began with one man’s desire to leave a legacy and rebuild his families name. Joseph Baird had trouble finding quality products in his neck of the woods in Stoughton, so he took matters in his own hands and created cider not only he, but those facing the same frustrations can enjoy.

Restoration Cider Company – this small, local veteran-owned business is planted in Madison, Wisconsin. After falling in love with the cider in Northwest Spain, they decided to bring a little piece of heaven back home with their hard cider offerings Starkweather and Sugar River.

Shepard’s Hard Cider – Shepherd’s goal is to bring hope to the abandoned orchards by showing that not only can you make great cider, but be a classic success story here in America proving ALL dreams are possible. We personally enjoy the names of their drinks — “Adam” and “Eve”.

The Cider Farm – Cider Farm invested years into growing real cider apples to produce top-notch cider brandy. Growing cider-ready apples is a tough gig. It’s much easier growing traditional apples. But Cider Farm is committed to excellence and only settles for the best.

White Winter Winery – this is a homey winery company where they commit themselves to supporting their neighbors for all their production needs before branching out if necessary.  This helps everyone in the community grow and flourish to pursue their dreams and grow their businesses, too.

Wiley Cider – every bottle of hard cider was picked within 10 miles from where it was fermented and bottled. Talk about local!

 ** In Conclusion ** 


We don’t want you to feel left out from the party. Everyone’s invited! Sure, you may not be able to pay us a personal visit anytime soon. No worries. You don’t have to. We got you covered. Visit your local Meijer Wisconsin grocery store today and ask for Blake’s Hard Cider, grab yourself a 6-can, unwind and call it a day.

And remember, drink responsibly!

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