Blake’s Hard Cider in Illinois: Better than Apple Knocker?


“Knock knock”. “Who’s there”. “Apple”. “Apple who?” “Apple Knocker!” Will Blake invite them in, or keep them out?

So far we’ve done lighthearted comparisons between ourselves and Julian’s Hard Cider, Mad Moon Craft Cidery, Griffin Cider Works, Oliver Winery Beanblossom, Bold Rock Hard Cider, Aeppeltreow Winery and Distillery, now Apple Knocker Cocktail Drink.

If you’d like check out our selection you can visit us here at our website and look for our selections in your local Meijer grocery store in Illinois.

 ** Apple Knocker Hard Cider Better Than Blake’s? ** 


Apple Knocker’s has three major year round selections in addition to special, limited and seasonal releases.

Their first, and likely most popular selection, is aptly titled “Hard Knocks”.

According to Hard Knocks, “Hard Knocks Drink” is traditionally fermented in American Oak Barrels with choice Belgian yeasts. It has a golden hue, and the apple citrus flavor is electrifying.

According to one customer on, “It pours clear with a tinge of yellow color with small white head. It smells of tart apple and water. It’s tangy in taste with a unique combination of apple, peel, and lemon. Body is light with fairly strong flavors. Nice and crisp. Acidic.

Next up is “The Bad One”. No, no, no. We’re not being biased here. This is literally the name of their tart, tangy and crisp offering with a slightly sweet finish. It’s rebellious and not your average cider. Reminds us a bit of Michael Jackson — “Who’s bad?!”

Made from traditional yeasts, lastly we have “Sweet Knockers”, an honest-to-goodness apple sweetness to die for!

Other notable offerings released at special times throughout the year is Punkie Night Hard Cider and Hopped Up Hard Cider.

**So, is Blake’s better than Apple Knocker? ** 

Frankly, we believe in putting the final assessment in the customers hands. We love Apple Knockers selection. No two hard cider producers are exactly alike and that’s what makes us so PASSIONATE to put our heads together to give you the best drinking experience humanly possible.

We listen to customer suggestions and work diligently to mold and tweak our ciders to appeal to the palate of as many people possible. Of course, we know we can never satisfy every drinker (that’s why there is much variety), but we strive to hit that “sweet spot” and that’s so elusive and yet within arms reach.

 ** In Conclusion  ** 


Sure, we could toot our own horn and yap about how “great” we think we are (we are, by the way), but we’ll do you one better. We’ll let one of our faithful Blakanites (is that even a word?) share their personal hard cidar drinking experience with you themselves.

Kevin B. from Clinton Township said, “We loved the decor of the cider room. I’m not a fan of most hard cider (Woodchuck, Angry Orchard) as I feel they are too sweet and artificial-tasting. Blake’s cider is different. You can tell its quality from the first sip.

I loved the Catawampus cider and the Frostafarian.

My wife got the sampler and enjoyed her choices as well. The Catawampus was so good that I bought a bottle to bring home.

Also if you like a certain cider make sure you order the souvenir pint glass for $7. You can take the glass home and bring it back for $4 refills!” (courtesy of

We don’t want you to feel left out from the party. Everyone’s invited! Sure, you may not be able to pay us a personal visit anytime soon. No worries. You don’t have to. We got you covered. Visit your local Meijers grocery store in Illonois today and ask for Blake’s Hard Cider, grab yourself a 6-can, unwind and call it a day.

And remember, drink responsibly!

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