Blake’s Cidery Beers – Unforgettable Taste Made From Real Apples


In this blog post, Blake’s Cidery Beers – unforgettable taste made from real apples, we’re giving you a glimpse into our world, a peek behind the curtains of what it means to be in our shoes in this Blake’s Hard Cider review.

But if you’d REALLY like to know what we’re all about, visit our website to learn more about our product selection and grab yourself a few cans to see what the hype is all about.

You owe it to yourself to find out!

“We’re committed to making quality craft cider from real ingredients” Andrew Blake, the company’s founder and co-owner said in a statement. “We grow almost every single ingredient here at Blake Farms/ We are one of the few operations that grow, press and ferment right on sight, while making sure we locally source products we can’t grow on our. We’ve been growing apples since 1946 and our story is what peeks people’s interest in our ciders use of real ingredients and uncompromising taste. That’s what keeps people committed to our brand.”

We’re real, raw, and uncompromising. And wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Blake’s Hard Apple Cidery Beer Reviews That Are To DIE For!

The following hard apple cider reviews are from Blake’s ‘very best’.

Tough we’d like to believe we’re impartial in our own assessment, truth is, every selection we offer is personal and a part of who we are. To help in this area we look to professional experts. Not the impassionate drinkers paid to review a product to skew public opinion one way or the other. But you. The true hardcore fan of all things hard cider. YOU are the expert. It’s not the critic we aim to please. It’s your taste buds and our own.

With each review of our own selection we include our formal description as well as the several random reviews from real consumers of our products. We have several offerings but we’re focusing our attention on our most popular and most distributed selections in Michigan, North Carolina, Illinois, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.

Those selections widely distributed are currently Flannel Mouth (Semi-sweet), El Chavo (Mango-Habanero), Wakefire (Michigan Cherry w/ Orange Peel), and Beard Bender (Dry) in 12 oz 6-pack cans in your local Meijers, Krogers, liquor stores, bars and pubs.

Now let the show begin!



We like spicing things up a bit. That’s why we created this sweet, heated blend of habanero pepper, mango and our famous apples picked from our very own farm. We aren’t pulling your leg when we say the El Chavo will give you an experience unlike any other.

What do drinkers say?

Habanero, mango, and apple aroma. Straw color. Very sweet apple juice, mango flavor with strong but controlled habanero pepper burn in the finish. Delivers what it promises.



Made with a wide array of late season table and dessert apples, Flannel Mouth is a sweet flavored cider that finishes incredibly smooth.

What do drinkers say?

Pours clear pale yellow with white head that dissipates quickly. Dry apple aroma with decent amount of earthiness and a subtle touch of sweetness and spice. Earthy dry apple flavor with tartness supporting. Semi-dry fruity finish with a sweet apple aftertaste.



Summers perfect ally, Wakefires comforting blend of Michigan-grown cherries, orange peel and our famous apples gives this drinking experience quite the ‘kick’ at 6.5% ABV. We called it ‘Wakefire’ for a reason – it ‘wakes you up’ with a fire in your belly!

What do drinkers have to say?

Drafty. Sweet smell, hints of cherry. Clear, off-gold with a quick and audibly crackling white head. Red apple, honey, cherry aromas. Much tarter than anticipated; apple and earthy cherry. Cherry lends a nice smoothness, helps ease tartness.



Derived from a variety of Bittersweet and Bittersharp apples, Beard Bender is tart, crisp and amazingly drinkable at 6.5% ABV.

What do drinkers have to say?

Half hazy pale yellow color. Thin white head (fades to a ring), loose bits of lace. Nice kind of yellow apple flavor, good bit of apple skin, kind of peppery. Satisfyingly dry finish. Lighter sweet, mild tart, and mild to moderate bitter taste. Medium body, dry finish. Lighter, kind of crisp slightly effervescent carbonation. Satisfyingly dry cider, much more dry than other ciders that actually market themselves that way.


Where Can I Buy Blake’s Hard Cider Apple Beer?

You can find Blake’s in Michigan (our hometown), North Carolina, Illinois, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana at your local Meijers, Krogers, liquor stores, bars and pubs in 6-pack can varieties.

More states are soon to follow along with a more variety of selections as they become available and demand increases.

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Initially we began as a little apple farm in the northern part of Armada, MI bringing memories to scores of people over the last several decades since we’ve been in business in our hometown.

It’s never been about the money for us, but the memories.

It’s never been about market share, but meeting demand.

We want as many people to have easy access to our products without having to travel hundreds of miles for a single can of Blake’s best. And with a bit of elbow grease and hard work on the part of our talented team, we’ve managed to pull it off against all odds against major competitors like Angry Orchard, Strongbows and Woodchuck.

But there was ONE condition. We’d only agree to do it once we’ve become the biggest producers in Michigan first and if each can of our hard apple cider maintained it’s integrity from production to delivery. We wanted to stay ‘crafty’ or nothing at all. Fortunately, we’ve found ways to make that work to so quality doesn’t suffer with increased production.

No question we’re quickly becoming one of the nation’s most popular hard cider brands company; chipping away at the lead of the larger national cider brands with our unique varieties.

If you’re around our neck of the woods stop on buy and say “Howdy” at 17985 Armada Center Rd. Armada, MI 48005, give us a call at 586-784-9463 or shoot us an email at for questions or inquiries.

You can also visit us at Blake’s Hard Cider to learn more about our latest products and exciting upcoming events.

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