Blake’s Hard Cider in Kentucky, Better than Country Boy Brewing?


Brewing hard cider from scratch is tricky with country boy brewing, that’s why Blake’s is here to the rescue.

Blake’s Hard Cider is on a mission. A mission to give Kentucky the best hard apple cider since it’s invention. We’re looking to take top prize in this Kentucky Cider Derby and we’re not backing down for no one.

Jake Kent is one of our local patrons who had this to share with you, “Blake’s is a great place to spend some time with the family or take someone who has never been. First off if you haven’t been here I suggest you give it a try I guarantee the kids will love it as well as yourself. With a wide range of things to do from the cider mill to the winery or the train that will take you on a trip around the farm. I recommend checking this place out and not just as a satisfied customer who has brought his family but as an employee who is here almost everyday.”

Although we’re not there physically, we put the same heart, love and soul you’d get here in Armada, MI into every bottle and can selection we have for you at your local Meijer and Kroger’s grocery retailer.

You can literally ‘taste’ the passion, enthusiasm and excitement our staff here puts into every last drop of hard cider on store shelves.

Below are brief reviews of the four selections we currently have available at retail. They are our most popular items here as voted by our very own here in metro Detroit and we’d like to share our locals drinking experience with you, too, starting with…


El Chavo

Naturally gluten-free. Product of Michigan. 6.5% ABV. Harvested, brewed AND canned at Blake’s Cider Co. No head. Very clear, light yellow if you will. Smells like a hard cider. Very Earthy. Definitely an fermented apple smell. No overbearing mango smell. The slight hint of a campfire burning in the far off distance; enough to make your nose hairs twitch in anticipation. Not alarming, but definitely pleasant with the combination of apples. Like apples taken to the fire (I.e. grandma’s apple pie baking in the oven).

A more ‘sweet’ cider than it is ‘dry’. You’ll still feel a bit of moisture on the tongue on the first sip alone. Nice, sweet appley taste with a bit of mango to ’round it off’, than it stuns you with habanero heat that lingers. You can taste the peppery hebenero skins right in your throat.

Perfect sweetness. Awesome heat.

Flannel Mouth

On the bottles label it says, “In the world of hard ciders, this is the smooth talker. The one who throws out compliments to complete strangers. Crafted from handpicked apples from our own trees, Flannel Mouth has just enough sweet to make the other beers blush.”

Naturally gluten-free. Product of Michigan. 6.5% ABV. Unlike most mainstream hard ciders where the flavors mask the alcohol, this offering leaves more of the ‘alcohol’ in ‘hard’ cider which is what most people taste initially but what’s left over is the crisp, apple flavor we’ve all come to know, love and expect in a solid offering. It’s raw. And, here’s a little secret, it “almost” taste like a diluted verners (we ARE from Michigan, by the way).

Our favorite hard ciders are the ones that taste like you’re bitting ‘into’ in apple while drinking it. Not to sweet, a little tartness to it to get the full apple flavor.

Beard Bender 

Naturally gluten-free. Product of Michigan. 6.5% ABV. First pour has a big, fizzy, soda pop head that is light golden in color and slightly cloudy.

On the nose it smells of applesauce. Not the store bought kind, the ‘real deal’ grandma used to make at home from scratch. Medium sweet aroma. Not overbearing.

Semi-dry palate with a hint of apple character and minerality. Nice touch of tannin on the back end. Finishes tannic and bone dry. Like an apple core, fresh picked apple. Gradually there is less apple and more dryness through each stage (nose – strong, palate – medium and finish – light)

If you’re used to sweeter corporate ciders on the market today, this one may take you by surprise, but it’ll be a interesting change of pace to what you may be typically used to. Works best with cuisines that naturally pairs with dry white or pink wines.


Naturally gluten-free. Product of Michigan. 6.5% ABV. A unique blend of cherries, orange peel and Blake’s famous apples. A bit on the sweet side but not ‘overly’ sweet. Light carbonation makes it drinkable and palatable. One of our newer flavors that has quickly become a cult favorite, offered in bombers and recently made available for purchase in cans. A huge hit. You voted, and it’s here to stay.


We hope you enjoyed this thorough review of our most popular selections we have available in stores in your beautiful state of Kentucky (if only our winters were like yours – brrrrr!)

What we recommend for the first timer is to sample every selection. You’re bound to have one or two favorites that becomes a staple in your hard cider repertoire. Don’t shy away from the unknown. Try the unexpected and you may be surprised at what you come to love and enjoy.

Kentucky is our home away from home. That’s why we worked hard to get Blake’s onto your store shelves. The demand was through the roof, you asked, and we delivered.


Here are a few more testimonials we’d like to share with you:

Sylvia Pattison – “Amazing place with a lot of homemade products. I took home one of their Apple pies— it was awesome. Best Apple pie I’ve ever had. I will be back for more of your great food.”

Diep Davis – “We have made it a family tradition to go to Blake’s each fall to have their cider and donuts (awesome!) and go on a hayride to the pumpkin patch. We look forward to it each year. Thanks Blake’s!”

We’d love to invite you to come visit us at 17985 Armada Center Rd. Armada, MI 48005 when your in town, give us a call at 586-784-9463 or shoot us an email at: if you have any questions or inquiries and check out our website for more exciting product updates and news releases!

It is our pleasure to serve you in your local area.

Until next time, my friend, have a glass on us.

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