Blake’s Hard Cider in Ohio: Better Than Mad Moon & Griffin?


“Never bring a knife to a gunfight”. Watch as Blake’s Hard Cider, Mad Moon Craft Cidery and Griffin Cider duke it out in the ring

Blake’s Hard Cider in Ohio is kicking butt and taking names as we’re making waves in the hard cider community in Ohio. But don’t take our word for it, Scott Lange said, “…a wonderful selection of hard cider. Personal favorite was El Chavo a blend of mango and habanero peppers with a little kick.”

Also, Rey Mar said, “The hard cider is excellent. The new hard cider tasting room is beautiful!

If you’d like to see our selections, click here to see what we have at your local Kroger or Meijers Ohio location today.

Let’s see what Mad Moon Craft Cidery and Griffin Cider House Lakewood bring to the table:

** Blake’s Hard Cider vs. Mad Moon Craft Cidery **  

First up for battle, is Blake’s and Mad Moon. Mad Moon’s most popular offering is Hop Wired.

According to some of their customers, his cider pours a slightly hazy gold color with a small white head that fizzles away fast. It smells like fresh green apples, along with some sweet apples topped off with tad of herbal hops.

Flavor is pleasant enough, tasting the way it appeals on the nose (green apple and herbal hops with touch of sweetness). Body is light to medium, yet a bit slick with decent amount of carbonation.

We compare Mad Moon’s Hop Wired to Blake’s Beard Bender made with no additional ingredients or flavors. It packs a helluva’ punch rarely expected from hard cider because it comes from Bittersweet and Bittersharp apples. It, too, is tart and crisp.

** Blake’s Hard Cider vs. Griffin Cider Works **  

Next up we have Blake’s and Griffin Cider Works. We will be focusing on their main hard cider offering, the Griffin Original.

When poured it has golden carbonated bubbles like a mid-level sparkling wine. The sweet Granny Smith apples mesh together with a cooling apple tart. It’s aroma is noticeably sharp; lacking the sweetness you’d come to expect from Woodchuck and other fruitier versions.

Sweet apples are chased with a dry champagne finish. It fades fast. Not complex, but refreshing. For an English-style cider, it ain’t too bad. Of course, for a true English-style you’d have to take a trip to England to get it straight from the source.

Blake’s Cider Dayze is fairly comparable with it’s unique blend of bitter sweet and bitter sharp apples fermented to dryness, backsweetend with Blake’s winning recipe since 1946. Granted it’s not as dry as the Griffin Original, but it comes pretty darn close.

** Conclusion ** 

Blakes Hard Cider Co. - Flannel Mouth

With that said, we love and respect both hard cideries. Any company without a friendly competitive spirit isn’t striving to give you, the hard apple cider beer connoisseur, the most pleasurable experience. Truly, we wouldn’t be able to thrive without their drive and ambition to offer the best hard ciders.

We need them as much as they need us. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Ultimately, every producer, if they are passionate about what they do, offer different flavors and combinations that suits your a different palette.

Your unwavering support and loyalty is what keeps us local hard cider makers in business for the long haul.

And for that…

…we thank you.

Other notable hard cider producers in Ohio are Barrel Run Winery, Rittman Orchards, Cincy Cider, Legend Valley Cider, Meiers Wine Cellars, Red Head Cider House and Rhinegeist.

You can find Blake’s Hard Cider products at your local Ohio Meijers or Krogers near you.

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