Blake’s Hard Cider in Minnesota, Taking Over with Superior Quality

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Blake’s Hard Apple Cider is taking over Minnesota and available in a Krogers or Meijers near you!

It’s true. Since Blake’s Apple Farm announced it was coming into the hard apple cider industry, they’ve been making a name for themselves in their hometown, Armada, MI – and now we’re ready to take over the Twin Cities with our latest hard cider offerings coming to a Kroger’s and Meijers near you.

Blake's Hard Cider Co. - Limited Releases

To give you an idea of what our hard apple cider is like, Ricky gave us a rather humorous take on his personal experience with our hard cider drinks saying, “I’m going to talk about the bar section, because I’m a childless adult in his 20’s and I’ve got nothing else going for me, but alcohol. And they got some good alcohol. They got every flavor apple and then put some other stuff into their ciders too. They had a spicy one, a sweet one, a dry one. All of them were reasonably priced and the service was smiling the whole time.”

Blake’s Hard Apple Cider – The Myth, The Legend, The History 

Late 2013, Blake’s Orchard and Cider Mill made the announcement that we would be joining the hard cider makers club to showcase our line of apples, taste and flavors. That October we officially opened our doors to serve visitors throughout the holiday season.

We are a family owned business since 1946 (yea. We go WAAAAAAY back into the 50’s) giving us roughly 60+ years of experience providing local products including apples, berries, and pumpkins amongst other wonderful things.

Sure, it gets pretty chilly here up north as we’re sure you know all too well in Minneapolis, but like they say, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade”. During the fall season we sponsor and host a number of friendly, fun entertainment and activities ranging anywhere from hayrides, to corn field mazes and more.

Andrew Blake, our Co-Manager of the Cider house and third-generation family member commented “We’re excited to provide a new, high quality product made with Blake’s award-winning apple cider recipe, we put the same care and quality into our hard cider as our trusted line of produce.”

Co-owner, Paul Blake, a second generation family owner said, “We’re excited to innovate and grow our farm. We know we need to innovate to stay ahead of the industry, and we’re excited to expand right here in Armada (MI).”

Since 2013 we’ve been rockin’ and rolling ever since adding more tasty hard apple offerings to our production, maintaining strict quality standards and producing at a high enough pace to where we are able to deliver our most popular drinks such as El Chavo to your local Minnesota Meijer or Kroger location nearby.

It is our desire to see people worldwide enjoying what we have to offer. This is more than a family business. It’s a family PASSION and we love every minute of what we do, from the apple picking process down to the brewing itself. It makes us smile when we can make you smile.

Below are three of our most popular offerings we have in your local store:

El Chavo 

Blakes Hard Cider Co. - El Chavo

What can we say? We love to ‘spice things up a bit’ (smiles). That’s why we created this sweet, heated blend of habanero pepper, mango and our nationally famous Blake’s apples. It’s time you experience a cider that you’ve GOT to taste to believe. Experience ‘El Chavo’ (Spanish translation: The Kid)

Flannel Mouth 

Blakes Hard Cider Co. - Flannel Mouth

Blake’s Flannel Mouth is created with a wide variety of late season table and dessert apples. This delicious combination gives it the sweet flavor it’s known for before finishing off incredibly smooth. Flannel Mouth is made from 100% Michigan-grown apples and we are sure it’ll win your heart (and tastebuds), over and over again.


Blakes Hard Cider Co. - Wakefire

If you’ve ever been under Michigan heat, you’d know it’s the polar opposite of Michigan cold. Tough to replicate that experience in a single drink, but we managed to pull it off. Experience WakeFire, a comforting blend of Michigan-grown cherries, orange peel and our famous Blake’s apples.


Here’s what Average G. from facebook said about some of our hard cider selections, “The ciders were all great…we tried ALL 13 on tap. You can get 3 solid sized sample cups for 10 bucks (totally worth it the fun of trying more than just 1 or 2 ciders).

We preferred the sweeter/less dry ciders. The only one we didn’t like was the lavender. It tasted like soap. But the smell was so great. And the keeved Cider was okay – no carbonation – tasted like apple juice, which was okay but not really our style. Still fun to try though.

Our faves had to be the mango infused (tasted mostly of mango and was like spiked mango juice) and the Elder Berry – could sip on that for a few hours. We took those two home with us.

The El Chavo was awesome too.The heat lingers in your throat the more you drink.It sneaks up on you. Not sure if I could have handled a full glass but a few solid sips was totally worth it.”

He wasn’t the biggest fan of lavender, but hey, not every drink is going to resonate with every drinker. We host annual Lavender festivals here in Armada, MI and there is always a massive turnout. There are scores of fans of lavender (the color, the flavor, texture, etc.) just as there are scores of fans who love our El Chavo. Take your pick (smiles)

We’d love to invite you to come visit us at 17985 Armada Center Rd. Armada, MI 48005, give us a call at 586-784-9463 or shoot us an email at: if you have any questions or inquiries and check out our website for more exciting product updates and news releases!

Until next time, my friend, have a glass on us.

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