Brewmasters Craft Beer Festival Review Galveston, TX


In this Brewmasters Craft Beer Festival Galveston, TX review we are going to cover Brewmaster’s history, ticket prices, what you can expect and attendee reviews.

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Bottles, Kegs and Can’s – OH MY!!  

The annual Brew Master’s Craft Beer Festival is a unique multi-day event created for beer drinkers, learners, enthusiasts and experts.

What’s special about this festival above most is that unlike the “assembly line operation” most beer and hard cider festivals adopt, vendors want you to learn, understand and enjoy their beer and enthusiasm creating it for themselves to enjoy, and you, the consumer.

The intimate setting discourages the ‘chug as many samples down your throat’ reaction at most events and encourages genuine interactions with other vendors who are actual representatives of their respective breweries (not volunteers) and attendees. This creates long-lasting bonds and relationships with others who share the same passion in enjoying good craft beer.

One things for certain, when you pay the BrewMaster a visit this year, you’ll come thirsty and leave satisfyingly quenched with a belly full o’ beer.

As the largest craft beer festival in Texas with over 400 craft brews and named as one of the top ten best beer festivals in America by Thrillist, this is one event you don’t want to miss.

To add icing on the cake or, should we say, foam on the lager, you’ll be entertained with live music, beautiful scenery over Galveston’s 242 acres of botanical Moody Gardens and the beach as you knock back a few cold ones.

 Brewmasters: The Disney World for Beer Drinkers  

Below are testimonial quotes pulled from to give you a fair representation of what real attendee experiences are like:

“I had so much fun at the Brewmasters Craft beer festival. It was so much beer. I mean I felt like the female version of Homer Simpson.” – Fregilia L., Houston, TX

“Picture this: you walk into a convention center lined with booths filled with beer from Texas, those other states in the US who got started earlier, and even the great big world beyond! I had a Korean beer! and a Brazilian beer! porters aged in bourbon barrels! sours! ciders! beer with rosemary! hazelnut beer! so many wonderful things, and yet there was not enough time for me to have All The Beers!” – Melia R., San Antonio, Texas

“So. Much. Beer. Nothing could make a girl happier.” – Sarah J., Austin, TX

“Craft Beer + Free Swag + Food X good people = Brewmasters Festival.” – Gilbert L., Houston, TX

“Holy heck this is one of the best events I’ve been to in a really long time.

If this had lasted forever, and I had to choose between coming back to the real world or staying in Galveston drinking beer forever… I would have stayed in Galveston.

This event was super well organized, all the volunteers and people working it were incredibly nice, plus beer people are the greatest people. I didn’t witness anyone who was unhappy. It was like Disney world for beer drinkers.

Totally coming back next year, and bringing everyone I know.” – Jessica M., Austin, TX

“Despite the lack of harder to find brews, it was great to have the opportunity to compare and contrast so many different potions in one place.” – Jaime P., San Antonio, TX

Brewmasters Craft Beer Festival Tips, Secrets and Facts   

* According to one visitor, designated driver tickets may not be worth the extra expense as they essentially receive a few bottles of water and sample portion food.

* Try the different cheeses and charcuterie samples. They’re delightful and are great to snack on in between sampling to recharge your batteries.

* Upon arrival you receive a wristband, a tiny beer mug (size of a shot glass), and a punch card good for 24 tastings.

* Although food concessions are tasty, it’s advisable to eat a big meal beforehand so as not to subsist off of nachos and pretzels alone.

* Take advantage of the free swag and goodies brewery representatives dish out.

* Moody Gardens hotel rooms have been recently renovated and offer stunning views overlooking the pool and the bar downstairs in the lobby is a great hang out area with fellow attendees after the event to share your brew tasting fortunes and horror stories.

* Brewlicious brews and food pairing event is AMAZING! The amount of effort that goes into this event is phenomenal. It’s as if you’re walking into a 5-star dining experience.

Breweries and local chefs partner up to create food items such as stewed rabbit with apple to the beef cornucopia, or the roasted beef with bacon wrapped potato…or the pulled pork with poached quail egg.


Tickets! Get Yer’ Brewmaster Festival Tickets Here!    

Texas Brewery Tasting Tour ($25 – 11:30 a.m till 12:45 p.m) : Meet Texas Brewery representatives – some up and coming – some wildly successful. Taste their favorite selections and talk with them personally about their history, their path and their products!

BrewHaHa Grand Tasting ($35 – 3:00 p.m til 6:30 p.m): Featuring over 400 craft, international and local Texas specialty brews, the BrewHaHa Grand Tasting is your chance to sample the best beer in the world.

Admission includes: * Souvenir Sampling Mug * Event Program *A sampling card for 24, 1oz samples of beer * Access to seminars and seminar merchandise/gifts on a first-come, first-given basis

BrewHaHa VIP Premium Lounge ($85 – 2:00 p.m till 6:00 p.m): With only 200 VIP tickets available, the VIP Premium Lounge allows you to experience premium selections in a private area with seating and food.

Admission includes: Premium Selection Sampling * Souvenir Sampling Mug * Event Program Guide * sampling card for 24, 1oz samples of beer * Access to interactive & informative experiences * Entrance one hour before the general public * Complimentary Food from 2:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Designated Driver BrewHaha Grand Tasting ($15 – 3:00 p.m till 6:30 p.m): ree Water * Event Program * Live Entertainment * Access to interactive & informative experiences and seminars * Designated Drivers Will Not be Allowed to Sample Any alcoholic product

This festival is located at Moody Gardens Expo Arena on 7 Hope Boulevard in Galveston, TX 77554


So there you have it. That’s the Brewmasters Craft Beer Festival Galveston, TX review in a nutshell.

If you’re looking to have a good time with family and friends while listening to premier live music over several glasses of cold craft beer, this festival is the place you need to be!

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