Cider Dayze Festival Review


In this blog post, we’re going to review metro Detroit’s finest brewfest, Cider Dayze Festival.

Janice Garbarino says, “Sounds like my kind of festival, for sure!”

Good news, Janice. It IS your festival. We listened to our patrons and put it all together for you and others like you. Because in case you didn’t know we’re mind readers. We’re just awesome like that. You can thank Andrew Blake for his superhuman abilities. He inherited those freakish genes. He’s like the superman of hard apple cider.

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Meagan Meade (Mmmmm…Meade) left this heartfelt comment on our Facebook wall, “This was such a good event. I thought all we were going to get there were ciders but upon arrival we discovered they had tents with ciders, beers, wines, and meads! Vendors were very generous with their samples and the food and music was great. Definitely going back to this.”

And Brittany Schoen said this about 2015’s event, “I had a great time! They had a ton of different breweries with many options on beers wine and ciders. It was great having so many options to choose from. I love that they had breweries from all over the state too. It was great having Perrin and shorts come out! The only thing I wish they would change would be the layout. All the beer tents were set up so close together that when more people came later in the day it got crowded. It was a great idea whoever came up with doing this. Keep it going. I’d love to come back next year!”

These reviews and many, many more were unsolicited. These are folks who took time out of their busy schedule to express their feelings about our event. You can google our Facebook page and check out the reviews for yourself. We’re just highlighting a few because we’d run out of room to put them all!

Here’s a few more:

“Had an amazing time last year! Looking forward to going this year with een more people!” – Andrea Alvis

“Had a great time! Good cider and selection, got to meet with a lot of Brewers and talk shop of what to make next. Great crowd and all had fun!” – Mart N Mel Bradley

It was better than expected as there were also beers on sample for those people that are not total cider drinkers. Looking forward to next year’s” – Mart N Mel Bradley

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For Days and Days We Long of Cider Dayze

The main event is just around the corner. Are you prepared?! Are you ready to get down and boogie with us to live performers Denver Laabs, Triple Shot and Brother Crowe?

We sure hope so! It wouldn’t be much of a party without you! If you get your advanced tickets now you can save yourself $5 at the door ($35), or you can purchase your tickets at the gate for $40. A bargain no matter how you slice it, but why not save yourself a few bucks for some of our famous hot n’ fresh donuts to help you digest all of the cidery goodness filling your belly?

Don’t feel like making the drive to Armada? Hey. We don’t blame you. Who wants to deal with trying to find a parking spot, driving solo without a designated driver (restricting how much you can drink to drive safely on the way back) or making the long-distance trip at all?

With our bussing system you don’t have to. Our guys do all the heavy lifting. Literally.

We pick-up festival goers in Ferndale at Woodward Avenue Brewers at 22646 Woodward Ave, Ferndale, MI 48220. Cider Dayze Discount Tickets are only $5 one-way; $10 round-trip. Quite a deal considering we take care of all the logistics for you and your party so you don’t have to.

Kind of reminds you of the excitement you felt when you were going on a school trip to the Detroit Zoo, Cranbrook Museum, or Cedar Point or Blake’s Farm (ah, the good ol’ days), except now you’re giddy for alcohol and getting piss drunk like a happy sailor (smiles).

Drink responsibly 😉


Cider Dayze Festival Location

The festival event takes place at Blake’s Orchard and Cider Mill at 17985 Armada Center Rd. Armada, MI 48005.

If you get a little lost, roll down the window and have a whiff. The smell of cider and brew should lead your nose to our talented crew!


And Now…A Word From Our Sponsors

Although Blake Farm is the host of the event, without our supporting sponsors it’s there would simply be  no Cider Dayze.

They provide the resources and system to make it possible for this event to become a reality for your pleasure. We’ll be blunt. Setting up one of these events is far from easy. It’s difficult work. Parking. Traffic. Crowd control. Trash. Entertainment (don’t want anybody falling asleep on us out of boredom). Security. Bathrooms. Oh gosh, the ‘bathrooms’. Get a lot of thirsty folks in one place and logistics needs to be near perfect. That’s why we give special mention to our sponsors on this blog because of all they do to help us make this event smooth sailing. We couldn’t do it without their support.

Big shout out to our presenting sponsors, Axle Brewing Company – back by popular demand, Bad Brads BBQ, our premier food sponsor – Ellison Brewery and Spirits from East Lansing, MI, our cornhole sponsor – and Andiamo Food truck, our supporting sponsor.


2016 Vendors – It’s YOUR Time To Shine!

Our sponsors allows us to put the event together, but it’s our vendors that MAKE the event a success!

We’ve received many requests from many breweries from hard cider producers and craft breweries, but we only select the few that past quality inspection tests and are capable to provide enough of their brew and/or cider to satisfy our anticipated crowds. In other words, we need them to be prepared for the onslaught of thirsty patrons who likely haven’t had a single drink for two days straight to make sure their bladders are as bone dry as an empty beer glass.

Our list of confirmed vendors include Short’s Brewing Company, Rhinegeist Brewery, Starcut Ciders from Antrim County, MI, the famous Founders Brewing Company, Perrin Brewing Company, Cellarmen’s, Griffin Claw (and you thought Harry Potter was having a ‘kiddy’ drink?), New Belgium Brewing, Great Lakes Brewing from Cleveland, OH, Farmhaus Cider Co., Lagunitas Brewing Company from Petaluma, California, B. Nektar Mead, Cider and Beer Company, Fieldstone Hard Cider Co., Northville Winery Brewing Co., American Badass, The Peoples Cider from Grand Rapids, MI, Uncle John’s Hard Cider, ACE Premium Craft Ciders, Bee Well Meadery, Bander Mill Hard Ciders, Falling Down Beer Co., Virtue Cider, Roak Brewing Co., and Michigan’s favorite hard apple cider company, Blake’s Hard Cider Co.

Quite a list, eh? Told you we got you covered. We are equal opportunity drinkers and love all things artisan – be it hard cider or craft beer. We welcome it with open arms.


Where Can I Buy Blake’s Hard Cider Apple Beer?

You can find Blakes in Michigan (our hometown), North Carolina, Illinois, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana at your local Meijers, Krogers, liquor stores, bars and pubs in 6-pack can varieties.

More states are soon to follow along with a more variety of selections as they become available and demand increases.

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If you thought 2015’s event was a blast, wait until you experience the one in 2016. We came out the gates running strong and intend on finishing first.

“For the first time they’ve ever had it, this was an excellent event. I only see it growing from here.” – Joe Nagy

“Great kick off to the fall season! Perfect atmosphere and amazing drinks/food. Let’s go round 2!” – Kallee Knight

“We had so much fun! We’re already committed to coming to next years event.” – Erica Lynn Cheok

“Great event, enjoyed the bands, the beers and the Cider. Looking forward to next year.” – Curt Winter

“Delightful and very welcoming ! Andrew was a fabulous host!” – Mark Bersani

If you’re around our neck of the woods stop on buy and say “Howdy” at 17985 Armada Center Rd. Armada, MI 48005, give us a call at 586-784-9463 or shoot us an email at for questions or inquiries.

You can also visit us at Blake’s Hard Cider Mill to learn more about our latest products and exciting upcoming events.

In Blake’s We Trust,

BHC Team Staff

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