Blakes Hard Cider Co. - Ciders


Our craft line of Hard CIders are available all year round.


Blakes Hard Cider Co. - Flannel Mouth


Blake's Flannel Mouth is made with a wide array of late season table and dessert apples. This succulent combination gives it a sweet flavor than finishes incredibly smoothly.
Made 100% with Michigan-grown apples, Flannel Mouth is sure to win you over. Again and again.

6.5% ALC. BY VOL.

Blakes Hard Cider Co. - El Chavo


At Blake’s Hard Cider Co., we like spicing things up. That’s why we put dimmers on the lights in our Cider House. And it’s why we created this sweet, heated blend of habanero pepper, mango and our famous Blake’s apples. Experience a hard cider that’s really, honestly, truly like no other.
Experience El Chavo.

6.5% ALC. BY VOL.

Blakes Hard Cider Co. - Beard Bender


Blake's Beard Bender is a 100% natural hard cider. It’s funny – when nothing’s added, you taste the true characteristics of the apple. Not for the faint of heart, Beard Bender packs a punch not expected from hard cider. Derived from a variety of Bittersweet and Bittersharp apples. Beard Bender is tart, crisp and amazingly drinkable. And, of course, 100% grown at Blake Farms in Armada, Mi.

6.5% ALC. BY VOL.

Blakes Hard Cider Co. - Wakefire


It’s impossible to replicate a Michigan summer. Recreating a northern night under the stars would be a futile endeavor. So, we’ve done the next best thing – we’ve crafted summer’s perfect ally. Experience WakeFire, a comforting blend of Michigan-grown cherries, orange peel and our famous Blake’s apples.

6.5% ALC. BY VOL.

Blakes Hard Cider Co. - Catawampus


Blake's Catawampus is an incredibly unique combination of hops and cider. Leaving you with notes of lemon and orange peel, this slightly fruity cider is sure to appeal to beer drinkers and hard cider enthusiasts alike. Out of any hard cider out there, Catawampus has a style all its own, with an identity that resembles beer. So ladies, if you’re looking for a cider that your men can call their own, look no further. Catawampus has arrived.

6.5% ALC. BY VOL.


Below are our seasonal and limited release hard ciders.


Blakes Hard Cider Co. - The Tonic


As the first flushes of green awaken the new year, invigorate your senses with freshly picked ginger root and cool cucumber combined together to create our crisp, light elixir; Blake's Tonic.

6.5% ALC. BY VOL.

Blake's Hard Cider Co. - Aurora


In an attempt to mimic the cosmic embrace the sun & atmosphere create lights with, we've paired peach & rosemary with a bright touch of lemon.
Enjoy under the warm Michigan summer skies & sing "Hell yeahI remember Aurora!”.

6.5% ALC. BY VOL.

Blakes Hard Cider Co. Black Phillip Label


Our award winning semi-sweet hard cider infused with an array of cranberries and blood orange. Permeate your favorite autumn nights with our newest creation, Black Phillip; the question is,would you like to live deliciously?

4.5% ALC. BY VOL.



A wise old owl lived in an oak
the more he saw the less he spoke
the less he spoke the more he heard
down below the peoples excited word
of a mythic cider and how merry
that combination of vanilla and elderberry

4.5% ALC. BY VOL.

Blakes Hard Cider Co. - El Chapo


They told us it was criminal to blend habenaro's and mango's, then they said it was criminal to use tequila barrels, well when rock is criminal, criminals they ROCK!


Blakes Hard Cider Co. - Cider Dayze


Blake's Cider Dayze unrefined farmhouse cider is an ode to the ciders of yesteryear. A uniquely crafted blend of bitter sweet and bitter sharp apples fermented to dryness, then backsweetend with Blake's award winning sweet cider recipe unchanged since 1946. This cider is sure to take you to the Dayze of Cider. Enjoy!

4.5% ALC. BY VOL.

Blakes Hard Cider Co. - Apple Lantern


It's the season of campfires, sweaters & pumpkin carving. Experience the warming flavor of our handpicked apples balanced with the oven roasted richness of pumpkin & molasses. Refreshingly crisp & perfectly spiced our Apple Lantern brings you the taste of autumn that can only come from Blake's Orchard.

6.5% ALC. BY VOL.

Blakes Hard Cider Co. - Snap Dragon


Here at Blake’s Hard Cider Co. we're steeped in tradition and as such our games are a bit old fashioned, but no less sophisticated. Our own version of the famous Snap-Dragon game involved the blue flames of rum from which the raisins used in our cider were skillfully procured. With their plumpness regained, a prolonged cider bath developed a lingering rich finish with just the right hint of warmth as though the flames were clinging to the fruit all along.

6.9% ALC. BY VOL.

Blakes Hard Cider Co. - Cyser


Each morning foraging bees fly as far as 3 miles in search of flowers in bloom. Once found, the location of the source of nectar is communicated to the hive through a dance. The auburn hue to our honey apple marriage makes you wonder which of our nectar sources, apple, cherry, or peach, the bees enjoyed most. We hope that our sparkling cyser inspires a dance as well as a toast to the bees that make Blake’s orchard possible.

6.9% ALC. BY VOL.



Blakes Hard Cider Co. - Wassail


Each year at Blake’s, a vintage cider is crafted, un-fined and unfiltered, that captures the essence of all that goes into a harvest while giving hope of a flourishing harvest the following year. As you indulge in the intense floral aromas with hints of caramel and cooked apples, raise your glass and say, “Wæs hæl, “ and you’ve done your part in ensuring next year’s crop rewards just as well.

6.5% ALC. BY VOL.

Blakes Hard Cider Co. - Chapeau Brun


The rewards of patient craftsmanship are un-mistakenly expressed with our Chapeau Brun. We exercise the traditional method of Keeving, which is the enzymatic process where the resultant nutrient deficient juice creates a naturally sweet, sparkling cider. Savor the complex aromas of honeyed apples and forest floor followed by a refreshingly crisp acidity and gentle sweetness.

6.5% ALC. BY VOL.

Blakes Hard Cider Co. - Santé


As the seasons passed and the constellations revolved overhead, this cider was crafted in the traditional Méthode Champenoise with the vision to capture those stars and bottle them, only to be released during a toast with your loved ones. Santé from everyone here at Blake's!

6.5% ALC. BY VOL.

Blakes Hard Cider Co. - Amshiré


Inspired by the five points of an apple star, our iced cider encompasses five varieties of Blake’s apples. Rose hips and honey establish a refreshing threshold rooted by the easygoing tastes of lychee fruit and melon providing the purest expression of weather, time, season; Amshiré!

12.5% ALC. BY VOL.