Craft Beer Brands You Need In Your Life


In this review we are going to talk briefly about the best craft beer brands you need in your life. This craft beer brands list showcases mass production beer makers while still maintaining their craft beer status they were founded upon.

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Today’s American popular top craft beer brands resurgence means more opportunities for you to enjoy popular (and not-so-popular) ales and lagers from this countries best breweries.

As of June 2016, the total number of craft beer companies in America alone tops 3,700, a 1200%+ increase from just 26 years ago when choice was severally limited to roughly 300+ in the early 90’s.

This trend is exploding world-wide, too, with hundreds of thousands of new breweries sprouting up in countries like Europe, Russia, Australia, Spain, Mexico and Brazil to name a few.

The industries competitive growth means more types of craft beer for you, the beer aficionado, to taste, smell, drink, and enjoy.

What Makes Craft Beer…Crafty? 


As the industry grows, so does the definition of craft beer.

Is it reserved for only the low volume producers? If so, who’s to say 2 million barrels a year is lower volume than 4 million? If the standard is 4 million today, in 5 years it could 6 million, not necessarily because of any special marketing or sales force on the part of beer companies, but just growing interest and consumption of unique quality beers.

For some crafters, a craft beer company qualifies if it’s taste use bold, artisanal and authentic. But no matter how bold, artisanal and authentic, there is always a drinker who would disagree.

Some crafters say “craft beer needs to start conversations.” From their perspective it’s not that the beer has to taste great to every body, but that it must offer a unique flavor for a niche audience within the craft drinking scene. So long as it tastes great to a small select few, it’s considered ‘crafty’.

Generally, beer produced with mass appeal and success can be looked down upon as having ‘sold out’ to the common man. Yet there are several craft beer producers that managed to bridge the gap between growing a successful beer company and maintaining it’s craft beer roots. Not an easy feat. But doable. Below are five such craft beer breweries:

Samul Adams  

With U.S. sales topping at 378,000,000+ and 12+ million cases sold internationally, when you think of “good beer”, Samuel Adam’s comes to  the forefront of your mind.

Jim Koch has been at the forefront of selling craft beers Since 1984 going from door-to-door selling his specialty crafted homebrewed beer. At the time there was little worthy of drinking and his creative offerings were the flavorful antidote to a watery beer scene.

“We have been innovating and pushing boundaries for 30 years and that will never stop,” Jim wrote in a company email. “Samuel Adams was one of the first breweries to introduce seasonal beers and pioneered the concept of aging beer in spirit barrels, a now-common practice that was nearly unheard-of when we released our first extreme beer, Triple Bock” in 1997.”

Some believe that although Sam Adam’s began the craft beer revolution, eventually it got left behind from evolution because of it’s inability to simply create new flavors on a whim the way smaller breweries can do so experimentally.

Although it’s currently the highest volume producing craft beer breweries, it comprises of only 1 percent of the total beer market.

Staying true to it’s roots, Sam Adams recently introduced Rebel IPA and Punk IPA to show ‘who’s boss’.

Sierra Nevada 


With U.S. sales topping at $243,000,000+ and 12+ million cases sold internationally, Sierra Nevada mission is to drink the beer they love. They started small with a simple love and passion for American hops and that fire burns brighter than ever.

Sierra Nevada is inspired by the philosophy that anything is possible and from that created beer that is bold, wild, adventurous and unwavering in its statement.

They are committed to pushing the envelope in craft beer and look forward to the day that flavorful beers are the gold standard throughout the globe.

Though they strive to stay on the forefront of technological advancements in more efficient, better quality beer, they have yet to find a replacement to the tried n’ true, labor intensive method of using whole-cone hops, open fermentation and bottle conditioning. The result are the craft beers below:

Year-rounders include the Torpedo, Hop Hunter IPA, new addition Otra Vez, Classic Portor, and Classic Stout.

Seasonals include Beer Camp Tropical IPA, Summerfest, Oxtoberfest and Celebration

Specialties include Estate, Ovila, and Harvest.

New Belgium 

With U.S. sales topping at $191,000,000+ and 12+ million cases sold internationally, New Belgium’s began their ride in 1991. Two years later they started receiving national acclaim for their craft beers with 90+ rewards across the board. Clearly, this speaks volumes on how they not only do business but produce excellent craft beers in light of their bigger-than-most-craft-breweries image.

Year round craft beers include Citradelic IPA, Ranger IPA, Snapshot Wheat, Slow Ride IPA, Glutiny, Tippel Belian-Style Ale, Sunshine Wheat and many more.

Seasonals include Heavy Melon, Hoppy Blonde, Side Trip and Accumulation.

Here’s a fun fact: New Belgium was voted as #7 on the list of Best Places to Work across all American industries. This means that not only do people love their beer, they love who they work for, too.



With U.S. sales topping at $134,000,000+ and 12+ million cases sold internationally, Shiner Beer has been brewed at the Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas since 1909 (population of only 2,069). In fact, most of the towns people not only live together, but work together making it a one-of-a-kind tight knit community.

Year round craft beers include Bock, White Wing, Light Blonde, Ruby Redbird, Premium Beer, Black Lager, and Wicked Ram IPA.

Seasonal offerings include Prickly Pear, Strawberry Blonde, Kosmos, Holiday Cheer and Birthday Beer.



With U.S. sales topping at $108,000,000+ and 12+ million cases sold internationally, Lagunitas

Some of their Unlimited releases include good ol’ IPA, A little Sumpin’ Sumpin’, Pils, Dogtown Pale, Aunt Sally, Maximus (Does Gladiator come to mind? Hmmmmm), The DownLow and Censored (shhhh. Don’t tell nobody)

Their Limited Releases include Lucky 13, Equinox, Undercover Investigation Shut-Down, Cappuccino Stout among others.



Though there are other craft beer brands, they are either so small to be unrecognizable to most people or to large to be considered ‘craft’ beer (I.e. Miller Lite). We found this list to suit the criteria very well for the craft beer brands you need in your life.

Craft beer history is being made as more breweries and pubs gain national and international attention. Although some may perceive this phenomenon to be recent, prohibition has been in affect for over 20+ years before alcohol consumption became legal once more. It took nearly 80 years for craft beer to make a comeback from the crippling effects such laws had on the industry and hard apple cider was one of those industries.

That is why Blake’s Hard Apple Cider is here to take hard cider to the next level in beyond over coming generations. At this point it would take an asteroid the size of planet Earth to stop the hard cider and craft beer industry momentum we have moving forward.

If you haven’t had a chance to take a look at Blake’s website, we encourage you to do so now to learn more about what we have to bring to the table.

And as always, drink responsibly.

Blake’s Hard Cider Team

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