Crispin Pear Cider Review


In this Crispin Pear Cider review we are going to explore the in’s and outs of this unique hard cider company.

What consumers enjoy most about this company is that Crispin Pear Cider is gluten-free and have been since conception.

Consumers also enjoy Blake’s Hard Apple Cider products to relax after a long-days work.


What’s particularly interesting to us, being hard cider producers ourselves, is the story on HOW  it ends up on your dinner table, into your hands, up to your nose and ultimately in your belly.

First, their orchards in Washington and Oregon are hand-picked and harvested during the fall with great attention to detail to make sure only the best fruits make the cut into each bottle.

Next, they’re apples and pears are fresh-pressed, fermented, and blended at their cidery in sunny California creating a wide variety of ciders that remain true to the fruit.

Finally, it ends up in your hands to be poured over ice, paired tastefully with food, and enjoyed with an evening of friends.

Here’s a brief overview of their cider offerings:

 ** Crispin Original **

Clear brilliant straw with a crisp, yet bright green apple nose with notes of lemon and lime.

It’s taste is that of crisp apple, slight cream of lemon and a hint of lemongrass that quickly follows. It’s feel is slightly creamy with a strong finish of apple that lingers on gently for a short time after.

** Pacific Pear **

Medium straw. Zero head retention. Smells of freshly picked ripe pears with floral notes, hints of stone fruit and slight earthiness.

It taste the way it smells of ripe pears. Retains a slight woodiness through the mid-palate with subtle stone fruit or pear skin tartness throughout. Light bodied feel with ripe pear and subtle pectin tones as a finishing touch.

 ** Blackberry Pear **

Juicy and complex offering made with fresh-pressed pears and blackberry juice. It’s appearance sports deep ruby highlights, bright rose.

It smells of ripe raspberry, blackberry and strawberry expertly mixed and crafted together.

Slightly bitter, almost-ripe strawberries. Medium body with light drying and moderate carbonation. Flavors linger of dark, fresh black raspberries.

 ** Brut **

Appearance? Bright. Clear. Pale Yellow. Simple, yet effective while carrying a fresh, green apple nose and slightly yeasty character. It’s certainly crisp and refreshing, but slightly tart. Crisp, black carbonation on the palate, a bit drying. 5.5% ABV.

 ** The Saint **

This unfiltered and cloudy hard cider fermented with Belgian Trappist yeast smoothed with pure maple syrup has a deep, burnt orange look.

It’s aroma hints at toasted molasses and maple with a rich fruitiness to round out the nose.

Surprisingly there’s a subtle taste of banana, pear and ripe apples. Medium mouthfeel, slightly petillant. To finish it leaves you reminiscing of grandma’s sweet baked apple pie. 6.9% ABV.

 ** Honey Crisp **

This naturally fermented cloudy hard cider made from fresh apples and pure honey is soft with no head retention. The sweet taste of honey transitions nicely from sweet to astringent with a ripe apple backbone, and subtle yeast notes. Creamy and subtle carbonation. 6.5% ABV.

Browns Lane – an English-style cider made from English bittersweet cider apples. Deep golden and slight amber hues. Earthy aroma. Smells of ripe apples, bit of honey, bit of Brett saison farmhouse ale.

Musty taste. Bittersweet. Honey nutty. Drying. Bitter. Slightly woody. Dryness lingers with woody finish. 5.8% ABV.

** Conclusion ** 

There’s no question that Crispin Pear Beer produces quality hard cider, but what about their counterpart, Blake’s Hard Apple Cider?

Felipe Vega said, “Had this for the first time the other day and it made me want to throw all my other beer and ciders out of my fridge and fill it up with cases of this!”


Steve Deitch has been around the Blake’s family since he was knee high practically growing up on our farms.

What he had to say moved us to share his story with you, too.

Listen to what he had to say:

“I’ve known their Dad Eddie Blake who ran the original orchard back when I was in Elementary School and he worked with my Dad at the then Ford Tractor Plant on 32 Mile Road in Romeo.

Eddie and my Dad have been friends for as long as I can remember and I can’t begin to tell you how many great memories I have going down there to get apples, go to car shows, have donuts & cider in the fall (and occasionally a hayride), and Eddie or Cheryl giving all of us boys some fudge or Caramel Apple!

They ALWAYS made us feel like family and I value those memories so very much!

I can never repay the friendship they’ve shown us over the years. Truly a great, hardworking family and they deserved to be recognized!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.”

It is a blessing for our family to have made such a positive and joyful impact on you and your family’s life over the years.

We’re more than just a ‘hard apple cider’ producer. We’re a family. We’re a team. We’re all in on this together to bridge the gap between good food, good drinks, and good memories.

May there many more for you as well as you enjoy a glass of Blake’s very own “Tonic”, our new summer seasonal “Aurora” or our house special “Flannel Mouth”.

If you’re in the area come on over and stop on by at 17985 Armada Center Rd. Armada, MI 48005 , give us a call at 586-784-9463 or shoot us an email at if you have any questions or inquiries.

Until next time, my friend, have a glass on us.

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