Blake’s Hard Cider in St. Louis, Missouri: Better than Crown Valley?


Blake’s Hard Cider or Crown Valley Brewing and Distilling? Who takes the winners crown? Find out inside.

Let’s face it. Making hard cider is, no pun intended, “hard”. It takes years of effort, hard work and sheer dedication to pull it off successfully and provide you, the consumer, with the experience you’ve come to expect.

Thus, we never underestimate the effort behind how much time goes into creating something you hope most people will enjoy, because although we try, we know that what tastes amazing to one drinker, may taste sub par to another.

What may be too complex for one, may need to be simplified for another. Taste, preference and experience plays a role in the enjoyment of a single hard cider beverage.

If you’d like check out our selection you can visit us here at our website and look for our selections in your local Meijer grocery store in Missouri today.

 ** Is Blake’s Better Than Crown Valley Brewing and Distilling? **  

Crown Valley Brewing and Distilling



In 2008 Crown Valley remodeled the old Coffman school house and put in place a brew making powerhouse. It stores 15 Brew Houses where hard cider is handcrafted, tested and tasted by the head brewmaster himself. When the fermentation process is completed, it’s bottled up and packaged in the same facility.

Crown Valley has three hard cider offerings – Strawberry, Blackberry and Country Carriage.

The next few hard cider producers are all located in the state of Missouri:

Annheiser-Busch- Michelob Ultra Light Cider – Annheiser-Bush’s hard apple cider division is located smack dab in St. Louis, Missouri. Their Ultra Light Cider is your average ‘run-of-the-mill’ mass produced offerings nationwide. It’s made from crisp apples and fits the active lifestyle. It’s also low on calories compared to most most ciders.

Cinder Block Brewery — Cinder Block is a local producer that began as a dream turned reality with a 15bbl facility, full taproom and barrel aging program. Their Cinder Block (Cherry) is Frenchy in nature yet finishes with a pleasant tart dark Oregon cherry.

Perennial Artisan Ales — Their philosophy is brew cider with the adventurous cider drinker in mind with a focus on hand-crafted, small batches of beer using local organic ingredients whenever possible.

The Perennial Artisan Hard Cider mixes Fuji, Jonathan, Yellow and Red Delicious apples in a smooth blend that’s been barrel-aged for 10 months in white wine barrels. Perennials hard cider is exquisite with food.

Schlafly Beer — St. Louis’s largest locally owned independent brewery offers at least 50 different styles of beer and hard cider. Not bad for a company that started without a business plan just 21 years ago with just a vision to make great beer, eat great food and have a good time.

Urban Chestnut Brewing Company – this humble small business got it’s start with a 20 bbl brewhouse back in January of 2011 with selections in your local market. Although UCBC isn’t tradionally a hard cider business, they tried their hand with the Urban Chestnut Buselhead Cider and it’s a head turner.

 ** In Conclusion **  

Blake's Hard Cider Co. - Craft Ciders

It’s a known fact. Good journalism is fair and balanced (like our tasty Blake’s Hard Cider drinks which you can pick up at your local grocery store). Thankfully, you’re not here for our ‘excellent penmanship”, but our delicate, sweet, tangy, dry and tasty hard cider. We’re hard cider makers, creators, lovers and connoisseurs to the core.

Naturally, we’re biased to our own selections as every hard cider producer would be. But it’s not just *us* talking, listen to what Rey Mar had to say:

“The hard cider is excellent. The new hard cider tasting room is beautiful!”

But that’s not all. D.L from Utica, MI says, “Simply great hard cider and wine. The atmosphere is cozy, unpretentious … PERFECT for area and absolutely a must to visit in the area.”

We could list dozens of such testimonials but we’d rather let you enjoy the *Blake* experience for yourself.

Ask your local grocery store if they carry Blake’s Hard Cider in St. Louis, Missouri, Mosey on down the wine cooler isle today and look for us. We look forward to putting a smile on your face.

And remember, drink responsibly.

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