Fastest Growing Breweries in United States

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In this blog article we’re going to cover the fastest growing breweries in the United States of America according to

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Forbe’s ranking system for the fastest growing craft breweries in 2016 goes according to percentage revenue growth over a four year period. To qualify, companies must be privately-owned U.S. entities and able to produce verifiable full calendar year sales.


Number #1 

Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co.

(#519 on the list)

Sitting high on it’s rightful beer can shaped throne is none other than the Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company.

They didn’t get there by accident. Blood, sweat and tears goes into every bottle they produce, manufacture and ship. Distribution is no small feat. It takes a team of passionate, yet intelligent, brew fanatics to make it to the top of Forbes quickest growing craft beer breweries.

Tony Mage, founder and chief of Lagunitas, recently announced the opening of a third plant in Azusa, California in early 2017.

So what makes Figueroa the fastest of the 9 listed here?

Let’s take you back to 1992 when Magee’s younger brother purchased a home brewing kit for him for Christmas.

What was intended as a fun party gift to share brews amongst friends and family for future Christmases turned into a burning desire to share his new found creations with the rest of America.

With the confidence of a raging lion Magee started up his one-man operation in small city in Marin County where he got the name. He doubled up on his paper-goods salesman job (Dwight Schrute, anyone?) and eventually found his stride as the craft brew industry began taking off. He waited for the perfect opportunity and caught the wave of success.

Another reason for their fast growth is their willingness to think outside the box leading with an India pale ale as it’s signature. A hard gamble considering most breweries lead with a safer, hoppier, and bitter offering. As luck would have it, it was a smash hit. While other companies led with the then popular pale ales, Figueroa led with the unproven IPA. Can you guess the best selling craft-beer style in America today? IPA.

They’ve proven themselves over and over again, that they’re leaders in the industry that SET trends, not followers. And that is why they are growing nearly double the size of the next entry on our list.

As for their signature brew, the Lagunitas India Pale Ale, it’s still kickin’ butt and taking names after all these years: a hyper-bitter performance piece with loads of citrusy, piney aroma.

Well done, Lagunitas. Well done.


Number #2 

Back Forty Beer Co.

(#1,111 on the list)

Next on our list is Back Forty Beer Company who’s posted revenues of $2.1 million dollars in 2014 increased by over 385%. And according to Tripp Collins, Back Forty’s Chief Operating Officer, the company is enjoying another record breaking year. He acknowledges that it’s nice to be recognized in such a hard-nosed industry fraught with massive competition.

Founded in 2009, Back Forty is in the process of expanding it’s headquarters on Gadsden’s North 6th street. The brewery has also began working on a project to produce nearly twice their current capacity, enabling it to produce upwards 18,000 barrels annually. In 2014 they produced 8,000 barrels; in 2015 10,000. They’re also improving their lab equipment to zero in on quality, warehouse equipment, and improvements to their fermentation capacity and bottling machinery. There’s no question they’re putting the pedal to the metal to meet customer demand.


Number #3 

The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery

(#1,590 on the list)

Landing at #3 hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina is The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery with sales revenue increased by a stunning 256% according to Inc. Figures.

“We’re basically continuing to invest to keep up,” says Founder John Marrino. “The business is just growing so fast.”

How fast? Lightning fast. So fast they’ve had to step up production from 7 bottles per minute, to a whopping 180 bottles per minute with the installation of a new bottle line that’ll ‘turn things up a notch’ to cap, fill and package.

“You’re investing in the future,” Marrino says. “It’s a capital-intensive business.”

Although The Olde Mecklenburg expects to hit 23,000+ barrels this year, the N.C distribution cap may for John to stop growing unless N.C decides to increase limits or lift them altogether.


Number #4 

Sun King Brewing Company

(#2,006 on the list)

Sun King Brewing Company is looking to take the crown in the Hoosier state of Indiana. Unlike most craft brewing companies with ambitions to grow nationwide, Brewer/owner Clay Robinson says, There are no plans to go beyond Indiana. “Our goal from the beginning has always been to be Indiana’s beer,” Robinson said. “Our hope is to continue to grow and sell more beer in Indiana and be a point of pride for Hoosiers.”

Having successfully lobbied to increase Indiana’s small-brewery limit from 30,000 to 90,000 barrels a year along with friendly rival Three Floyds, their dream will soon become reality in the next 5 to 10 years as they edge closer to the new 90k barrel annual limit.

They’ve purchased 13 acres with plans to build a second facility allowing it to grow while maximizing the production capabilities of it’s current production house on College Avenue by adding new tanks and a new canning line. They’ve also invested in more personnel (more jobs for the state of Indiana) and invested in higher quality control to ensure every beer is as consistently perfect as your last.


Number #5 

Oskar Blues Brewery

(#2,340 on the list)

Founded in 1997 by Dale Katechis out of a small town brewpub in Lyons, Colorado, Oskar Blues became the first and largest American craft brewery to brew and hand-can their own beer back in 2002 to help bring customers into the pub. They’ve since climbed to the 24th spot on the Brewers Association Top 50 Breweries list which ranks craft breweries based on sales volume. To add icing on the cake, Oskar Blues have been sitting on the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing private companies in America for five years strong.

To accommodate continued expansion at both East and West Oskar Blues breweries, they’ve added a second 50-barrel mash tun, a silo capable of holding 100,000 pounds of spent grain and currently completing it’s 17,000 square foot expansion project. As if that weren’t enough to meet demands, they’ve purchased an additional 60,000 square foot lot in Longmont for future increases in capacity.

They sky’s only the limit!

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Number #6 

Lonerider Brewing Company

(#2,620 on the list)

Loneride Brewing Company is has high quality craft beer and brand for drinkers with discerning tastes. Ales For Outlaws. And with Great American Beer Festival award winners Sweet Josie and Deadeye Jack it’s no wonder Loneride is ‘riding’ it’s way to the top spot as one of the fast growing craft brewing companies in the nation.

It began in 2009 with Sumit Vohra and his two business partners, Milhir Patel and Steve Kramling. They were just home brewers and beer geeks who wanted to bring their unique creations to the world to enjoy as much as they had. Currently they’re making money ‘hand over fist’ and credit the success of their company to their hard work ethic, employees and their sales and marketing people.

Their goal is to expand in more states each year.


Number #7 

Stone Brewing Co.

(#2,910 on the list)

This is the 9th year in the row San Diego-based Stone Brewing Company has been include on the “Fastest Growing” list. A unique distinction considering it’s one of the very select few companies that have racked up so many mentions. In fact, it’s the “only” one with as many.

“It’s an honor to receive national recognition for our efforts over the years,” said Stone CEO & Co-founder Greg Koch.

Their secret is modestly simple, but challenging to execute consistently: continue brewing better tasting, quality craft beer drinkers can trust. Few can maintain this level of consistency without sacrificing on quality or lukewarm production to meet demand. Stone manages to do both very well without discounting, compromising their standards or advertising their beers (saving tons on a marketing budget).


Number #8 

Narragansett Brewing Company

(#3,572 on the list)

Gone were the glory days of the ’60’s when the official sponsor for the Red Sox, Narragansett, churned out two MILLION barrels of craft beer a year, running it’s brewery near capacity to meet exploding demand. This little-big company with a 125 year history was even featured in the iconic movie Jaws further causing increased interest in the brand (and can crushing as a new beer sport).

Fast forward to 2005 and it has long past it’s glory days. On the brink of dissolving, Hellendrung, former president of Nantucket Nectars, purchased the historical brand from Pabst Brewing Co. For an undisclosed sum. What followed for the next 10 years was hard work and focus to bring the brands name back to national spotlight and all it’s former glory and fame.

And they’ve succeeded, making #8 on the list of the fastest growing American craft brew companies in the world. Not an easy feat as there are 1,000+ other craft breweries fighting for the top 9 spot.


Number #9 

New Glarus Brewing Co.

(#4,581 on the list)

New Glarus generated 41.1 million dollars in total sales revenue and their celebrating with their fans by building a new small distillery to enhance the tour experience. But one thing that really impresses us about this famous Wisconsin brewery is their desire to be the best in THEIR state. “We’re not interested in being a big brewery. The idea that bigger is better is not necessarily true. Our idea is to be successful in our own backyard.” said brewmaster Daniel Carey while fielding questions about why they are not expanding to other states.

Surprisingly, in light of their desire to go national, they rank highly on the fastest growing craft brew list.

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