Our Favorite Craft Beer Festivals List

Beer brewery. Traditional way of making a beer.

In this write up we’re going to discuss our favorite craft beer festivals list.

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So, what qualifies as one of our favorite craft beer festivals?

First, they have to bring to the table a large enough sample variety of interesting brews from different vendors. Surprises are always welcome.

Secondly, the greater the opportunity to interact with the brewers, and when possible, the brewmaster, the stronger the connection a drinker can make with a brewery. In other words, we value relationships.

Third, orderliness and cleanliness. There are few things less amusing than having to deal with a crowd full of inebriated people because of a lack of rules, boundaries and security for participants.

As for cleanliness, drinking is more than walking into a corner bar for shots. It’s a way of life and favorite past time. We expect event grounds to have adequate bathrooms, trash cans and a clean up crew to prevent accidental injuries from slipping and falling on spilled alcohol.

Sounds simple enough and you’d think most events would plan for this ahead of time. Sadly, either they underestimate attendance rates or, for budgetary reasons, skimp on one of the three factors we look for above making their visitors to suffer the consequences.

Below are a solid list of some of the best craft beer tasting party show events we’ve researched for your convenience.


Number #1

World Beer Festival

~ The Most Diverse Beer Festival Event ~

Are you feeling like a bit of a daredevil? Than the Word Beer Festival is the place you need to be if you want to give new breweries a chance to impress your tastebuds with unique flavors.

For four weekends throughout the year at Durham, NC; Raleigh, NC; Columbia, SC; and Cleveland, OH, is your golden opportunity to experience the beer you read about, dream about, and talk about. We say, “Let the BEER do all the talking for you”. What sounds displeasing on paper, will surprise, what sounds appetizing, will make you hurl. But that’s the nature of the World Beer Festival. If you stumble across a few rocks you’re sure to find a few golden nuggets that’ll make a lasting impression on you for years to come.


Number #2

Great American Beer Festival – Denver, Colordao

~ The Best Event To Discover Different Styles of Beer ~

The Great American Beer Festival (GABF) is a 3-day annual event held near the end of September or beginning of October in Denver, Colorado. The event is like the Super Bowl of Craft Beers where competitions are held and awards are given out to more than 90 beer style categories.

Hundreds of breweries participate, and beers are served by their brewers, giving die-hard fans the golden opportunity (and most times only opportunity) to speak with them one-to-one. Additionally, top beer makers and innovators host featured talks educating listeners about their process, inspiration and drive.



Number #3


Every spring for the last 10 years, beer lovers flock to Atlantic City for hops, sounds and surprises. As if sampling 1,000+ variety of beers from 150 breweries doesn’t whet your appetite, you can get your groove on with headlining bands, watch culinary demos from local chefs and have friendly competitions with fellow beer geeks such as hot wing eating, field goal kicking and a 5K “Hops Trot”.


Number #4

Great Taste of the Midwest – Madison, Wisconsin

~ One of the LONGEST Running Beer Events In America ~

If you’ve ever dreamt of taste testing more than 1,200 craft beers…from over 200 of the finest Midwest vendors…with 5,000 beer enthusiasts strolling through a beautiful park overlooking Lake Monona in Ollin-Turville Park in Madison, Wisconsin…than the Great Taste of the Midwest is where you need to be.

Held annually in the middle of August, G.T.M showcases and highlights all things Midwestern craft beer. This is a great opportunity for Midwestern’s and travelers alike to congregate in one place to sample beer. This is far simpler (and much cheaper) than having to travel to individual towns, cities, or states to try a beer in one place and doing it all over again at another place. It’s all right here at G.T.M for the taking.


Number #5

FIELD OF BEERS – Jupiter, Florida

~ Where Beer Dreams May Come ~

Held at the Roger Dean Stadium, the spring training facility for the Florida Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals, the Field of Beers takes place during the Jupiter Craft Brewers Festival has well over 50 brewers and over 175 craft beers for your pleasure. There are local, regional and national talent to put on your ‘to-drink’ list. No question your favorites are going to be found, and you’ll walk away adding a few new favorites to your all-time-favorite list. They have Ales, lagers, lights, darks, sours, and everything in between.

This event typically takes place late January and is a great way to kick off the new year with a bang.

But why wait until January when you can enjoy a quality drinking experience with Blake’s Hard Cider.


Number #6

Brew Masters Craft Beer Festival – Galveston, Texas

~ The Best For International Connoisseurs ~

Labor Day in Galveston is all about having ‘fun in the sun, kicking back and relaxing over 400+ regional and hard-to-find international craft beers.

Attendees can shoot the breeze with industry insider experts and award winners while enjoying some of the best beers across American borders.

The main focus of the three-day event is, of course, the “BrewLicious Brews and Foods Pairing” and the “BrewHaHa Grand Tasting.” Other notable events is the “BrewMasters PubCrawl” and a Texas brewery tour. And to end the event you’ll be treated with live music and fireworks on the beach. So romantic (smiles).


Number #7

North American Belgian Beer Festival – Westland, Michigan

~ The Largest Exclusively Belgian Beer Festival in U.S ~

As part of the larger Ashley’s Belgian Beer Festival in Westland, MI, the NABBF is the largest Belgian beer festival in all of the United States, by far.

Nowhere else in the world (except perhaps Belgium, of course) will you find the largest pool of Belgian beers in ONE place at ANY one time. In fact, this event is so Belgium-esque, the Trade Consulate General of Belgium/Flanders Investment and Trade co-sponsors the event.

You have access to 80 breweries and 200+ beers, all brewed EXCLUSIVELY in Belgium.


Number #8

Savor – Washington, DC

~ The Best For Rubbing Elbows with Head Brewmasters ~

Picking the brain of some of the top Brewmasters in the country has never been easier than at an evening at Savor.

At most events where the Brewery will send representatives or bartenders to serve their drinks on their behalf the brewmaster is most times absent from the event. As you’d imagine they’re in high demand and on top of that they still have one job to do – make great beers.

This is the one event of the year where the best of them come together to personally answer your questions, give you advice, share hidden tips and secrets and cool stories about how they discovered the beer you enjoy so much, be it by accident, a dream or some other fascinating creative process.

This event is the rock stars of the brewing community and with it’s limited attendance salons, only a few are invited each year to keep the event classy, personal and luxurious.


Number #9

Brewgrass Festival – Asheville, North Carolina

~ The BEST For Fans Of Appalachian Strumming ~

Each year, Asheville puts together two things they’ve perfected: Banjo-filled bluegrass and craft beer. Over the last 17 years since hosting this event nationally known breweries, like Stone’s, pour their ales right beside local guys like Altamont Brewing Co. And Hi-Wire Brewing.

40 American brews. 120 different beers. Scores of talented local musicians. Various food vendors. And plenty of water. Sounds like our kind of party.


Number #10

Festival of Barrel-Aged Beers – Chicago, Illinois

~ The LARGEST Barrel-Aged Beer Event In America ~

What do you get when you bring together 100 breweries and 300 kinds of beers made contact with wood?

The largest barrel-aged beer event in the country.

This often-sold-out festival held in Chicago, IL provides drinkers with the rare opportunity to sample beers not made to the general public. Each sample takes on the character of the barrels they were brewed in – be it wine, whiskey or Bourbon – for unique and interesting taste profiles.

Man drawing beer from tap in an plastic cup and hand oh another man takes beer plastic cup Draught beer. The bartender pours a beer in a plastic cup. On the bar table are plastic cups with a beer


This concludes the craft beer tasting event list. There were several more great events we didn’t get a chance to cover else this article could run for several pages long. There are many other events in-between the larger ones that are more local and regional. They may not have the prestige or marketing push behind the larger ones, but they also tend to be less congested, a little more intimate and have some hidden gems. Don’t be afraid to explore what’s out there near your hometown. You’d be surprised what you discover.

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