Great American Beer Festival Review Denver, CO


In this Great American Beer Festival Denver, CO review we are going to cover it’s history, ticket prices, what you can expect and attendee reviews.

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What’s better than America and Beer? NOTHING! The Great American Denver Beer Festival (GABF) is all that and a bag of….err…pretzel necklaces!

If the Beer God’s are smiling down upon you, you’ll be lucky enough to score a single ticket. And IF you do, be prepared for your brain to short circuit at the sight of hundreds of different beers available to you at your finger tips – for FREE!

It’s like being a kid in a candy store. Well, a BIG kid in a alcohol store.

You’d swear you died and went to Beer Heaven as you’re overwhelmed with a constant flow of happy and borderline belligerent emotions. So much at GABF to do and see, you’ll get tipsy and entertained at the same time as you people watch those with wacky uniforms and customs only second to Halloween night.

This is a highly-organized “Mecca-like Pilgrimage” where the beer world is your oyster and virtually EVERY beer enthusiast has on their bucket-list.

If you can manage to scrimp together a ticket, WONDERFUL! Cherish the moment. If you can’t, try, try and try again. It’s worth the effort!

 Attendee Reviews and Testimonials 

Below are various quotes about different attendee experiences on

“The music upon entering was intense, and made it that much more exciting to get in there. Bagpipes, people, bagpipes. They really up the ante on the “entrance” experience at GABF.” Steph G – Denver, CO

“check out the non-beer booths. You can find yummy cheeses, a beer passport (be the first 100 to finish it and get into the VIP area for food!), merch, and even raffles for big items like skis!” – Nivolr P. – Arvada, CO

“For so much beer, this festival has efficiency down. I was so impressed with how smoothly this enormous gathering of people went.” – Frances G. – Austin, TX

Great American Beer Tips, Secrets and Facts 


* Come with a strategy (and no, that doesn’t mean “drink as much as possible”). Try a particular region you’ve haven’t tried before ((Northeast? South? Midwest?) or choose a couple of varieties of beer and try them from different regions.

* Download their free app to look up beers and breweries you want to try. Trust us. You’re going to need it to find your way around.

* Hydrate. Beer doesn’t count as ‘water’. There are free water stations everywhere. Use them. A few seconds of sipping ol’ fashion H2O is worth prolonging your drinking experience.

* Eat well PRIOR to the event. Eat a BIG meal before the event for the carbs to absorb the beer faster and allow you to sample more. Bring a pretzel necklace or make a point to swing by any one of the food stands during your session.

* Visit the Pro-Am competition. It’s wicked cool. These are homebrewers with skill and talent. Try their stuff- you’ll be surprised it’s as good (or better) than some of the breweries in attendance!

* Visit the Meet the Brewer section. It’s an area for the state Brewer Guilds that are less crowded and have excellent beers.

* Line up a safe ride home (or call an Uber!).

* Tickets sell out NOTORIOUSLY QUICK!!! If you want to cross this festival off your bucket list, you got to beat the next guy to the punch. They sell out within 10 minutes of going on sell.

* We shouldn’t be telling you this but…the GABF glass cups are ‘nice’, but the disposable water cups are significantly over poured. Every. Single. Time. Go with the plastic cups every time.

* This event is NOT gluten-free friendly. Out of thousands of beer choices you may have at most 5 – 10 to choose from while the rest of your time is spent watching others enjoy their gluteouness breverages. Not a big deal if you’re not gluten intolerant. A pretty big deal if you are.

* Cell phone service is virtually non-existent within the confines of the building. Either stay together with friends you bring or set-up a designated time to meet in a specific area.

* Although it sounds wise to arrive earlier, you’ll also be standing in line later and eventually get inside at the same time as everyone else who simply arrive “on-time”. It’s not worth camping out to get in early as the lines move very fast when doors open.

Tickets! Get Yer’ Great American Beer Festival Tickets Here!    


So what are the Great American Beer Festival ticket prices exactly?

General public tickets go on sale August 3rd, 2016 at $80 each. Great American Beer Festival 2016 dates are October 6th, 7th and 8th from 5:30 p.m to 10:00 p.m. The price includes festival programming, a commemorative tasting cup and unlimited one-ounce samples from 3,500 beers.

Designated Driver tickets are $25.

Visit the to get your GABF tikets today. Don’t hesitate. They sell out very FAST!

Where Is The Great American Beer Location?

The  GABF takes place at the Colorado Convention Center on 700 14th St. Denver, Colorado.

There are many options for transportation including plane, train, bussing and automobiles as well as wonderful hotel accommodations if you intend on staying for more than one session.


So there you have it. That’s the Great American Beer Festival review in a nutshell.

If you’re looking to have a good time with family and friends while listening to premier live music over several glasses of cold craft beer, this festival is the place you need to be!

By the way, the Cider Dayze Festival is just around the corner for a fun road trip with friends and family to Michigan’s best for even more exclusive beer and hard cider selections.

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