Hard Cider Brewing Kits


In today’s blog we are going to cover the most popular and effective hard cider brewing kits and equipment available on the market today.

Brewing hard cider with apple juice from scratch traditionally was a pain in the “you-know-what”, but with the rise of hard cider home brewing kits in recent years taking hold in a industry exploding in variety and choices, it’s become as simple as taking basic hard cider brewing classes online from the comfort of your home to simplify the hard cider brewing process.

In other words…

…making hard cider is so darn easy, a child could do it (which of course we’re not recommending).

Not only is it easy to do but brewing hard cider from apple juice will typically save you up to 50% of what you’d pay to purchase a 6-pack in your local grocery store. We have nothing against a hard ciderest saving a few bucks, yet there comes a time where making your own hard cider simply isn’t as convenient as having  it ready-to-go on demand.

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Below is a short-list of the best hard cider brewing equipment we’ve come across to-date. We’re sure there are more, yet the following kits below are most popular:


Awesome DIY Make-Your-Own-Cider Kit 

Frankly, this kit is a hard cider home makers wet dream.

If you could ask Santa for anything this Christmas, ask him for the Awesome DIY hard cider kit. It includes everything you could possibly need to make your own hard apple cider. A single batch makes ten 12 ounce bottles of finished, homemade cider.

Here’s what’s included in this kit:

1 packet Champagne yeast

1 1 oz. packet pectic enzyme (optional)

1 1 oz. packet Campden tablets

1 2 oz. packet powdered sanitizer

1 one gallon glass jug with cap

1 airlock

1 musting cap with airlock hole

1 stick on fermometer

1 1 oz. packet organic corn sugar

1 bottle filler

3 feet plastic tubing

1 Auto Siphon racking cane

1 Bottle capper

10 Bottle caps

Recipe and instructions

Thought we were kidding? Told ya’ this all-in-one kit has everything you need ;-).

Cost not including shipping is currently $52.99.

Product ships within two business days

For more information about the DIY hard apple cider kit, visit Mountain Feeds website for more information at Mountain Feed and Farm Supply


Craft-a-Brew: Make Your Own Hard Cider Kit 

The Craft-a-Brew hard cider kit comes with all of the equipment you need to make a dry sparkling cider at home:

Glass Carboy


Racking Cane

Rubber Stopper

Transfer tubing

Tubing clamp


A No-Nonsense Guide to Making Your own Hard Cider

Hard Cider Recipe (Enough for 3 batches)

*Cider not included. This kit work with any Apple Juice or Cider.

Cost not including shipping is currently $45.00.

Product ships within THREE business days

For more information about the Craft-a-Brew: Make Your Own Hard Cider Kit, visit their website at craftabrew.com.


Brooklyn BrewShop Hard Cider Kit 

Brooklyn Brewshop’s Famous Hard Cider Kit has everything you need (other than fresh cider and a funnel) for three batches of tart, dry and bubbly hard cider. Making hard cider is easier than making beer, and making beer is already pretty darn easy!

Here’s what’s included in this kit:

1 Gallon Glass Fermenter

1 Airlock, Tubing

1 Tubing Clamp

3 Packets of Sanitizer

3 Packets of Hard Cider Yeast

1 Screw-Cap Stopper

Compared to Awesome DIY Make-Your-Own-Cider Kit, what it lacks in equipment it makes up for in simplicity. Less equipment means less headache and shorter learning curve for the quickest results.

Amazon purchaser, Screant, recently said,, “Great little kit to get started home brewing wine and or cider. All you need to add is the juice and sugar. I brewed my first gallon of wine ever using this kit and made a delicious apple wine. I have now upgraded to 6 bottles and I keep 5 of them going at all times. Well worth the money. These make a great gift for somebody that likes to DIY or just a fun little hobby to work on. I regularly use this kit to make wine that tastes way better than the stuff I can buy at the store for a fraction of the cost.”

Another Amazon reviewer gave Brooklyn Brewshop’s Hard Cider Kit a five out of five stars saying, “This kit gives you enough yeast to make 2 growler sizes ( buying 1 gallon of normal apple juice/cider for less than $5 at grocery store) 3 times. That is a lot cheaper than buying that much regular hard cider from a liquor/grocery store so it’s worth a try.

Made my first batch was made using a store bought apple cider per directions on website. Easy and delicious. It is some work but after doing 3 consecutive batches each one a week apart, we are drinking hard cider every week for over half the price of a 6 pack of (insert brand name here) alcoholic cider.

Active yeast refills bought here on Amazon are cheap along with a bottle of the “Star San Sanitizer” (liquid version of what comes in kit).”

In short, this kit still has everything you need to get started except a funnel and apple juice. (sold separately).

Cost not including shipping is currently $40.00.

Product ships within THREE business days

For more information about the Brooklyn BrewShop Hard Cider Kit, visit their website at BrooklynBrewShop.com.


Mr. Beer Hard Cider Home Brewing Craft Cider Kit 

Ideal for first timers and the experienced alike, the Mr. Beer reusable hard cider kit gives you  freedom to brew several batches of flavorful hard cider with no limitations in the comfort of your own home. All equipment is made form FDA compliant plastics, and will leave no flavor migration in your cider. Since the contents are created using PET plastic you don’t have to worry about broken fermenters or bottles. Pretty soon you’ll be calling yourself a brew-master making cider like the professionals!

Here’s what’s included in this kit:

2 Gallon Fermenter with Lid

Spigot, Washer and Nut

1 Hard Apple Cider Refill

1 Packet of Brewing Yeast

8 Reusable Plastic 1-Liter Bottles w/ Caps

8 Labels with Mr. Beer Hard Cider Logo

Easy to Follow 4 Step Brewing Instructions

One reviewer from their company website said, “Right off the bat, the steps needed to perform in order to get the process going is as simple as making a pitcher of concentrated juice. That is the absolute best feeling in the world, because you can keep making batch after batch without ANY hassle at all. Maybe you thought brewing cider was more complicated, but with Mr. Beer, people who enjoy having fresh brews, can do it themselves in less than an hour of time.”

Cost not including shipping is currently $54.95.

Product ships within THREE business days

For more information about the Mr. Beer Hard Cider Kit, visit MrBeer.com for more information.


Making hard cider from scratch can either be a fun or tedious process. Crafting hard cider to get specific notes, flavors, tastes and smells is not an easy process, in fact, unless you have access to expensive equipment you will likely never match the experience of professionally produced cider, though one may try.

Nonetheless, we never make cider we aren’t happy to consume ourselves and when we got into the business it began as a simple passion to create hard cider we love first.

Whether or not you take your passion for home brewing into a multi-million dollar enterprise as we have is totally up to you and what makes America so great. Or perhaps bottling and drinking your own creations with family and friends is enough for you.

We wish you the best in your home brewing journey and if you’re interested in trying a bottle or two of Blake’s, click here for more information.


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