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Blake’s Hard Cider is spreading across the country like WILDFIRE! Business is booming. Profits are growing. And drinkers are consuming.

We’re a growing and thriving hard cider business in Michigan for sale doing exceptionally well in major grocery store chains like Meijer’s and Kroger’s in the midwest. Based on current sales numbers we will be expanding further west, east and south  — all four corners of this country. The more we expand, and the more we’re established in other areas, the more valuable our assets, and thus the greater our buy-out terms. If you get in ‘while the getting’s good’, you’ll not only get a great deal to maximize your profits, you’ll be in position to easily expand your territory to take advantage of distribution deals we are currently in talks with in other major territories.

The Blake’s family and team are passionate about what we do on a daily basis. The smell of fresh picked apples is what gets us out of bed each morning to do our jobs. We also recognize that in order for our company to bloom into becoming the largest hard cider producer and distributor in the country, it’s time that our business changes hands to give it the fresh new perspective it deserves to flourish, thrive and be the best in the world.

This is a winning opportunity to tap into our vast years of knowledge and experience to ensure the transition from our care into yours is smooth and seamless. Our team will be happy to divulge all of the documentation and paperwork required and the business will be yours to take to the next level.

Our numbers has shown the most profitability and practicality shipping 8 12-oz. Cans with initial shipments to every state being Flannel Mouth (Semi-sweet), and El Chavo (Mango-Habanero) initially, followed by Wakefire (Michigan Cherry w/ Orange Peel), and Beard Bender (Dry) based off initial offering sales which has been consistently growing at a very quick pace.

Blake’s Hard Cider Distribution



A true test of every hard cider’s business model is their marketability, profitability and real distribution numbers and potential. Mims Distributing Co., a nationally known wholesale beverage distributor in North Carolina, saw the potential and signed on the dotted line to be our partners in crime delivering hard cider to the four corners of America.

Every serious hard cider business plan begins with an end goal in mind – PROFIT. If there is no profit, there is no business. And though there are many good hard cider producers, few operate as good business. While some operate in good business, few have good hard cider. What makes Blake’s unique is we are both great producers ‘and’ business owners. We know our apples ‘and’ numbers. Our product ‘and’ metrics. Our customers ‘and’ bottom-line. And with 400+ employees, we need to know. Many people count on us to get it right, and we do. Thus, choosing MIM’s as one our partners back in January 2016 was an obvious choice for us to make and with this built in distribution of our products to various states in place, you’re investing in a ‘well-oiled’ hard-cider, profit-generating machine.

“Here at Blake’s, we put only the finest ingredients into our hard ciders, and with Mims Distributing, we’re making sure that our fans throughout North Carolina will enjoy access to the best ciders that we have to offer,” said Andrew Blake, co-owner of Blake’s Hard Cider Co. “We are excited about this partnership and look forward to showing consumers throughout the state what you can enjoy when you take 42 unique apple varieties and put them into the best ciders imaginable.”

Why MIM’s as distribution partners? Aside from being fellow family-owned, operated and controlled business people with high-standards and great values in place at their own operation, MIM’s is nationally recognized as 2015’s Wholesale Beer Distributor of the Year from Beverage World Magazine.

The best distributors craft products in the country + the largest cider mill in the country = A match made in craft cider heaven.

“Blake’s Hard Cider Co.’s relationship with Mims Distributing is a natural combination that celebrates the best of the craft beverage industry,” said Chip Mims, CEO of Mims Distributing Company. “We know our customers are always looking for great-tasting, hand-crafted ciders for crisp refreshment, and Blake’s provides that with its impressive lineup.”

So far we’ve introduced on store shelves our most popular ciders, Flannel Mouth and El Chavo, along with limited and small batch varieties throughout North Carolina. Our unique apple varieties is a result of 69 years of apple-growing experience combined with brewing techniques to create mouth watering concoctions for our die-hard consumers. As an exclusive buyer and investor, you’ll be tapping directly into our built-in customer base.


In addition to North Carolina and with no signs of slowing down, Blake’s Hard Cider have quickly spread its wings in the midwest including Michigan, Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, and Indiana. We’re becoming one of the fastest growing craft hard cider companies; nipping at the heels of larger national cider brands.

We’ve partnered with Kentucky’s Heidelberg for full-state coverage in Kentucky and Ohio, and we’ve partnered with Cavalier Distributing and AALCO Distributing in Indiana and River City Distributing in Wisconsin for distribution in both states.



We didn’t necessarily ‘ask’ for this.

Our original intention when we decided to get into producing hard cider in 2014 was to simply be the best hard cider producer in our home state of Michigan. But ‘outsiders’ from visiting states were apparently sweet-talked into visiting one of our locations or trying our brand at a Meijer’s or Kroger’s location and were hooked on our products ever since.

We’ve heard some out-of-stater’s threaten to abandon their residency to live in Michigan just to get their hands on our tasty delights on a regular basis. Of course, we have no way of verifying if such stories are remotely true, but we admit, it’s fun to think about (smiles).

In all seriousness, people were demanding we bring our offerings to their respective states. A quick glance at our Facebook profile alone is validation. Expansion out-of-state was purely driven by demand. We didn’t bombard or force our way through like most hard cider producers looking to make an impact, we ARE the impact and were invited in like that favorite Uncle who comes to visit town every so often bringing life to a party.

We’re truly honored people want us on their store shelves. They demand it and it opens doors for us at the negotiation tables to make it a reality. It’s a testament of the culture we have here at Blake’s and loyalty. This phenomenon also speaks volumes about the tender loving care we put into the quality of our drink selections.

This is your opportunity to consult with your business partners and get in contact with one of our upper-management staff to come to the table and discuss our company’s buy-out options. We are flexible and are willing to work with those of character and values. We won’t sell to anyone regardless of price if we don’t feel a buyer would treat our loyal fans with the respect they deserve for shaping us into who we are today. All it takes is one buyer to make or break a successful business, and we’d like to discuss your options to determine if you will be the one we pass on the Baton for greatness and continued growth.

Blake-amania is real. The phenomenon is growing at a rapid pace!



For a more detailed look into our numbers we welcome you to contact our Director of Sales, Aaron Lanctot, or Andrew Blake, co-founder of Blake’s Hard Cider at for buy-out business inquiries. Please be respectful of their time allotted for discussions. Serious inquiries only.

Come by and visit us in our neck of the woods and sample a few of Michigan’s best at 17985 Armada Center Rd. Armada, MI 48005, give us a call at 586-784-9463 or shoot us an email at info@blakefarms.com for questions or inquiries about the sale of our business assets.

You can also visit us at Blake’s Hard Cider to learn more about our latest products and exciting upcoming events. Lastly, you can find us on Kroger and Meijer’s store shelves in Michigan, Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, and Wisconsin (so far). We are quickly growing and expanding our distribution to other nearby states so check with your local grocery and liquor store chain to see if we’re in your area.

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