What Is Hard Cider and The Best Apple Orchard Beer? (Juicy Details Inside)


Curious about what makes the famous Blake’s Hard Apple Cider so darn famous? We have all the answers you need in here, Jack.

So what is the best apple orchard beer? Glad you asked. According to Michelle from Ferndale, we have…

“The BEST cider in Michigan, hands down. The selection they have on tap is great. I love the autumn apple and hopped cider. Their donuts are a great addition to the cider, too.” – courtesy of yelp.com

*Ahem*. Well, before we start ‘tootin’ our own horn’, let’s first talk about what hard cider is in case you don’t know or you like having a bit of fun.

We’re willing to bet a cold one you didn’t know these five interesting tidbits on how hard cider is made:

** A Glass Of Cider A Day,

Keeps The Doctor Away ** 

Hard cider’s made from a unique combination of yeast and apples – a common, yet delicious fruit jam-packed with Vitamin C, fiber and ‘cancer killing’ antioxidants to protect your heart while dramatically reducing risk of diabetes, asthma and dementia (the disease where you forget stuff due to old age).

** It’s Gold Jerry, Gold! ** 

British estate owners discovered a tiny ‘loophole’ making it legal to pay it’s workers with hard cider as wages. No one made a stink about it for over 200 years. That is, until 1887 when it was made illegal to compensate workers in this way with the Truck Amendment Act.


** If It Looks Like A Duck, and Quacks Like A Duck…It’s Hard Apple Cider ** 

Hard Cider (unlike regular cider) is alcoholic and a niche within two bigger markets – beer and wine. If produced with ale yeast, it has similar (though usually lower) alcoholic content compared to beer. If produced using champagne yeast it has higher alcoholic content with a personality similar to wine.

So it’s not quite beer; not quite wine. It’s hard cider.

** On A Diet? Gluten Intolerant? Try This! ** 

Cider made from apples, pears and in with some brands, blueberries and little else is naturally gluten-free – the best choice for those suffering from celiac disease, or on a gluten free or paleo diet.


It’s TRUE. It takes 36 fermented ‘dead apples’ to make a single gallon of apple beer.

But what’s really strange is how ALIVE our hard cider selections manifest on your taste buds when you try a single sip of Blakes on your tongue.

I Would Like to Solve The Puzzle, Alex. What Is “Blake’s Hard Apple Cider?

In the beginning of this article we talked about the best hard apple beer. Aside from our personal bias we have the best hard cider recipe, there are notable alcoholic cider drinks our customers enjoy such as Strongbows Hard Cider, Angry Orchard Beer, Woodchucks Hard Cidar, Crispin Pear Ale Cider and Hornsby Hard Cider.

We don’t aim to mimic their flavor, style or brand. In fact, we respect it. If it weren’t for the larger distributors and their heavy marketing campaigns, hard cider wouldn’t be as well-known today. And the more we are supported, the more we experiment with different flavors to ignite your tastebuds.

Here at Blake’s we strive to offer the best hard apple beer we desire to enjoy ourselves.

Our formula is simple: If it’s bunk, it’s junk. If it’s tasty, we make hasty to brew it.

So who are we to call ourselves amongst the best?

We don’t. Our visitors bestow us that honor coming from all walks of life here in Michigan, Chicago, Canada, even Europe and Australia.

Ravea W. said, “I am definitely a fan of this place. The atmosphere is incredible and they have a great selection of Hard Ciders and Wines. My personal favorite is the Wakefire or Wisteria (Lavender infused).”

Our Wakefire apple cider liquor is a unique blend of Michigan-grown cherries, orange peel and our famous Blake’s apples.


If you think that looks appetizing, you should try it for yourself like Ravea did.

She then continued, “for being a Cidar Bar you wouldn’t expect them to have great food, but they do! Their BBQ Chicken pizza is SO GOOD. I literally crave it all the time (thanks to our dedicated cooks!) The wait staff is super friendly and helpful. Overall, Blakes Hard Cider Co. is a solid 10. Go there. You won’t be disappointed.

Give us a call at 586-784-9463 for hours. We’re located at 17985 Armada Center Rd. Armada, MI 48005. See if what Ravea says about us holds true.

Looking forward to seeing you ’round town.

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