Hard Cider Run Review


In this Hard Cider Run Lansing Grand Rapids review we’re going to cover basic details, FAQ’s and tips to help make your run the most fun possible while staying in tip top shape.

But first, since we’re on the topic of ‘running for cider’, why not grab yourself a case of Blake’s Hard Cider prior to your race at your local grocery store? Or better yet, save it for after your race so you’re thirst is quenched with a glass of Michigan’s finest!


No one saw it coming.

The hard cider industry is booming and now people are running for the hard stuff. The runs are hosted at various orchards across participating locations to inspire healthier lifestyles and give more exposure to cidery.

“I ran this race today because in the fleeting days of summer with the signs of the autumn harvest bountiful and amongst us, we are engaging in our community around good drinks and good people,” said race participant Chris Frederick.

“I ran it for the cider. That is it. The delicious, crisp, refreshing cider at the end made it all worth it,” said race participant Katie Grace. “Beer at the end of races sits too heavy for me, but cider—now that is a brilliant idea!”

Imagine walking through a large red barn standing in the middle of rows and rows of apple trees. The intoxicating smell of fresh donuts fill the air as you and the other participants smile from ear-to-ear with glee and wonderment as to what was going to happen next.

Suddenly, you’re off to the races with renewed sense of energy permeating through every bone in your body. After fighting through to the end you are greeted with a “Hard Cider Run” specialty glass to brag about to your buddies and enjoy a cold one to finish it off.

This is a one-of-a-kind experience deserving to be on any serious ciderest bucket list.

Hard Cider Run Details 


Tickets range from $40 to $55 depending on what time you purchase your ticket. Generally, the later the purchase the costlier. The earlier, the better.

Your race ticket purchase includes the following:

* Entry to the 5K run/walk

* The Hardest Cider Run bib

* Chip timing with text/email notifications

* Exclusive The Hardest Cider Run medal

* Glass of hard cider (soda pop will be available as well)

* Commemorative glass to keep

* Awesome The Hardest Cider Run shirt

* Race photos from Gameface Media

* Free parking

Here are the list of cities Hard Cider Run participants are gathering to take part in this event: Grand Rapids and LansingMI, Gettysburg – PA, Akron – OH, Warwick Valley – NY, Charlottesville – VA, and Portland – ME.

visit thehardciderrun.com for more information

Frequently Asked Questions


What’s this about exactly?

It’s what it sounds like. It’s a run featuring hard cider. It’s for the die hard cider fans who love all things cider and are ready to ‘run’ for it. Literally. You are rewarded with a cool glass of hard cider at the completion of your race.

Are children allowed?

Yes. Kids are impressionable and if they see you running they’re likely to start running with you. This event is for the whole family and they even have youth sized shirts along with non-alcoholic apple cider!

Note: No strollers allowed in the run itself.

Is this a timed event?

Yes. Registered participants receive a big with a timing chip implanted. Results are posted after the race on RunSignUp as well as in your individual cities website.

Can I bring my pet?

No. They are not allowed.

Sounds like fun except, I can’t run. Can I still participate?

Yes. They accept runners, walkers, joggers, skippers, dashers, crawlers and everything in between.

When does this take place and where?

Check to see if this event is in your area and what time the individual race takes place at thehardciderrun.com for more information.


Beginner Tips and Tricks To Help You Cross The Finish Line 


At this point you’re probably thinking, “Gee. This event sounds like it’ll be a BLAST! But I’m lost! Where would I begin?! Argggh!” Hey. Don’t fret. We got you covered. Below are useful tips from veterans who successfully completed the race – multiple times. Apply the following advice in your own race preparation and you could very well be the first to cross the finish line!



** Adopts a training plan that works for YOU – Most people don’t have the time to run 6 days out the week. And, you don’t have to. If you’re running a 5k you can get by on 3-4 days a week as long as you make each run count. The sweet spot is 5 days a week. This allows for two days of leg rest and healing as well as mental rebooting.

** Make it your routine – Make up your mind to stay CONSISTENT. Friends or family want to watch a movie at 2:00 p.m but you’re scheduled to run at 1:30 p.m? Cancel or reschedule. Do not compromise or your results will be compromised.

** Have FUN! – While prepping your body for a 5k, embrace your training and enjoy it. Create a music playlist that builds momentum (Rocky music, anyone?). Make a fun, colorful running colander to physically check off after each practice run.

** Shoes matter! – Running takes it’s toll on the body. You will be sore when stepping up your training, but don’t make matters worst sporting the old pair of gym shoes you wore back in 11th grade while on the racing team. The right shoes offers your body the right support it needs to alleviate pain.

Super tip: Go to a running store offering gait analysis. They’ll put you on a treadmill and study the way you run to custom make your shoes for the perfect support.



** Keep it Simple – Oatmeal and banana’s sit well on the stomach and digest quickly. Avoid heavy starchy foods before a run such as potatoes and meat.

** Replace lost nutrients and fluids – After running, you must replace what you lost. Fruit is the absolute best recovery food to consume before and after races. Drink tons of water throughout the day, too.



** Show up at LEAST 1 hour early – This gives you time to deal with anything unexpected (i.e. traffic, finding the area if it’s your first visit, parking) and gives you time for warm-up and mental preparation.

** Stay Calm. Trust your training – Race morning excitement isn’t a bad thing. The extra adrenaline will motivate you to run the hardest you ever have, but don’t be afraid. If you trained for the race and did your best, you’ll finish the race.

** Party like it’s 1999! – Crossed the finish line slower than you expected? No worries. You finished! While most people are busy sleeping in you accomplished something great!

Now that you’re prepared for the Hard Cider Run race, don’t forget to grab yourself a few cold bottles of Blake’s Hard Cider at your local Kroger’s and/or Meijer’s location today!

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