Hot Dickens Hard Cider Review, Old English Cider with Funny Commercials


Hod Dicken’s Cider (pun intended) is a humorous take on hard cider. In this review we talk about what we know about this famous beverage.

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Hot Dicken’s Hard Cider Story
“There’s Nothing I Enjoy More Than Having A Hot Dicken’s Cider”

Below is a short hilarious narrative about the origins of this famous English drink:

“I remember…Mr. And Misses Dickens planted the first apple tree. Mr Dickens said he would press no cider before the fruit was ripened to absolute perfection. Than it happened. That old orchard yielded the juiciest most delicious apples we ever did see. That was 50 years ago. And that was the first time I ever had…

…a dicken’s cider.

I’ll never forget that first dicken’s cider. I was 17 and Johnny was 16. And that was Geofery’s first dicken’s cider, too.

Geofery than says, “I start everyday with a  dickens cider. At breakfast or later in the day. A Dicken’s Cider is the perfect pick me up.”

John – “My first Dicken’s Cider? Gee I remember hearing how great a Dicken’s Cider was before I actually had one. It was an old friend that let me have a Dicken’s Cider. I was so excited with anticipation that I spilled it all over me.”

Unknown woman speaks, “The other day my husbands friend asked him, “Why do you both seems o healthy and happy all the time.” He told him, “Easy. My wife doesn’t let me go a day without a Dicken’s Cider. And she enjoys the rejuvenating effects of a wholesome Dicken’s Cider, too.”

We think you ‘get the point’ 😉

Hot Dicken’s Hard Cider Products

Very little is known about his particular drink because it’s a local area pub that doesn’t specialize in hot cider production exclusively but serves the local community. Hot Dicken’s Cider is brewed on the spot and produced by a local company called One-Eyed Brewing Co. located in Thermopolis, Wyoming.

They serve a number of hard ciders including Hot Dicken’s Cider. One reviewer from named Tony said, “Not too bad. Certainly bucks the trend. Plenty on the nose. Maybe a little bitter. Tasted a bit like pissat the start. Sessionable!.

Another reviewer named Ryan said simply, “Tasty chick drink”.

Another reviewer from yelp said, “I really like the peach here, the amber, and root beer (one of the best I’ve had in a very long time).

And according to one yelp reviewer they do free tastings and have discounts for uniformed members.

Try one of our Blake’s Hard Cider here for comparison.


In Conclusion…

We’d love to invite you to come visit us at 17985 Armada Center Road Armada, MI 48005 when your in town. And feel free to give us a call at 586-784-9463 or shoot us an email at: if you have any questions or inquiries. Lastly, visit our website at **** where we routinely release product updates and news releases on all things cider.

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Here are a few selections we offer nationally in stores as well as exclusively in our very own cidery location: Flannel Mouth, El Chavo, Beard Bender, WakeFire, Cider Dayze, Catawampus, Aurora, Wayward Winter, Apple Lantern, The Tonic, Snap Dragon, Cyser and our signature series, Wassail, Chapeau Brun, Sante and Amshire.

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Until net time, my friend, have a glass on us.

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Fun Hard Cider Fact #1: A Personality All On It’s Own

There are literally over 100 different varieties of apples grown. But don’t be fooled. MOST are not fit for human consumption to eat (at least, we don’t think they are) because they are grown in such a way that are designed to be made into hard cider. Much like wine grapes, the territory of each site dramatically effects the apples unique character.

You could travel the world and and never come across the exact same flavor and taste from any one company or brand, that’s why their are so many around. The possibilities are as endless as creating music.

Fun Hard Cider Fact #2: Demon Tree! Be Gone!

So why did hard cider lose its popularity over the years?

The Temperance Movement.

Spurred on by speeches from ministers and politicians alike from a perceived moral and ‘financial’ perspective, many farmers put ablaze their valuable orchard crops sparing only the trees used for sweet juice (apple juice).

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