Magners Hard Cider Review


In this review we put Magners Hard Apple cider to the test. Does it pass, or fail? See our verdict below.

Truth is we’re suckers for a good story.

Tell us a tale and we’re bound to sit around a campfire with a few cans of “Flannel Mouth”, “El Chavo”, “Black Beard” and “Wakefire”

Blake's Hard Cider Co. - Craft Ciders

…enjoying the build up, suspense and climax of how a hard cider company came into existence to share with the world their unique creations.

Could it be it has something to do with us being hard cider makers, too (smiles)?

Magners tale is fascinating.

They’ve been around for longer than any cider maker we know – since 1935.

In Clonmel, Ireland it produces some of the finest apples known to man growing 17 varieties ranging from sweet, sharp and bitter to give it their unique taste.

They don’t pick their apples when THEY’RE ready, but when the apple feels like falling off the tree fully ripened at its peak.

The apples then take a trip to Magners Cidery, a blocks from Magners Vat House that stood on Dowd’s Lane since 1935. The finished product is a result of the reviews you are about to read below from real consumers and hard cider drinkers.

** Magners Original Irish Cider ** 

On their website it’s clear that they love cider and they believe there’s only one right way to do it – taking advantage of the same historical methods they used since their birth back in 1935.

During the process they ferment 17 varieties of apples, waiting until they fall before pressing and filtering the traditional way.

They’re patient fermenting their cider, even more so allowing it to mature (up to two years, in fact), while personally taste testing it along the way.

So what do drinking connoisseurs have to say about it?

Opinions vary. Here are a few comments shedding light on both the positive and negative aspects of this unique cider according to

One glowing positive is a male from Brisbane, Australia who says, “Quite simple, THE benchmark of apple cider”.

In his 20 years of drinking cider he feels Magners Original is beyond a country mile the best of all the ones he’s tasted.

He then goes on to say, “It’s perfectly put together, not too fizzy nor flat. Great apple taste.”

A few negatives that stand out are that it’s very ordinary with a weak flavor that has no resemblance of apple in its cider.

One reviewer from Perth remarked that it tastes more like flavored cider rather than crushed and brewed cider. It baffles him as to why it’s so popular and he assumes it’s because people are accustomed to its flavor (which, apparently, he is not). He feels there are other alternatives with better flavors and much better prices.

Other negatives are that it’s hard to find in can variety and it’s pricier than other options

** Magners Pear Irish Cider ** 

According to their website, to shake things up a bit they included a Perry to their selection. They claim that unlike most Pear ciders that contain extra flavors, the only fruit in theirs are pears. No blackberrys. No raspberries. No strawberries. No other fruit but pears. 100% premium pears to be exact, filtered to remove impurities before slow fermentation.

It’s what makes their Perry cider fresh, fruity and bursting with flavor.

So what do the So what do drinking connoisseurs say about it?

On, one reviewer commented that it’s the kind of cider she drinks during summer without ice. The kind you keep cool during those hot and humid days for casual lunches on the go. Good, refreshing taste. Cider nuts may not care for the light taste, but her guests who enjoy white wine appreciate this little gem.

Another reviewer from Australia says it’s a great ‘starter’ cider for those new to hard cider. Starts pleasantly with a bubbly sweet flavor leaving a fresh aftertaste. Smooth texture. A bit TOO easy to drink; be careful, catches you off guard.

One negative a reviewer had was that it’s fairly pricey compared to other ciders.

** Conclusion ** 

It appears based on consumer research hard ciderist generally prefer Magners Perry over their original apple cider rendition slightly more than average.

This isn’t a hard conclusion but seems to be the overall consensus across the board.

Chelle Dee said, “Great food & ciders…look at all those smiles!

Chelle Dee -testimonial

P.S. We invite you to try these selections for yourself and check out our website for more information.

Monica Janelle said, “Love your el-chavo habanero hard apple cider!”

Why thank you, Monica! And we love you!

Our hard cider goes as far as down south Florida so if you’re in the area, ask about us, Robin sure did and this is what she said, “Post honeymoon brews! First night after work and one of these are perfect in the warm Florida weather! Thanks guys, pleasure meeting y’all!”

We’re most appreciative of our southern brothers and sisters. You can see it in her testimony, “Y’all” with the roll of the tongue. (smiles)


Our last testimony comes from Amy Lynn Cantrell who said, “Keep up the great job… and the Tonic cider is pretty delicious. ..maybe not a gin shot. ..maybe vodka with a twist of lime. And the Snapdragon was pretty tasty too the rum and grapes make for an interesting flavor. We will be back for sure.”

If you’re in the area come on over and stop on by at 17985 Armada Center Rd. Armada, MI 48005 , give us a call at 586-784-9463 or shoot us an email at if you have any questions or inquiries.

Until next time, my friend, have a glass on us.

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