Michigan Cider Dayze Festival Review


This Michigan Cider Dayze Festival review will give you further insight on what you can expect at this year’s upcoming event.

Being that we are the hosts of this event, it’s fair to assume we have a stake in giving our own event favorable reviews, so to counter-balance this, we included several testimonies from real individuals not associated with us in any way.

For example, Andrea Alvis reminisces about the ‘good ol’ days’ from last year’s event saying, “I had an amazing time last year! Looking forward to going this year with even more people!”

We look forward to seeing you again, too, Andrea at this year’s upcoming event. But if we were you, we’d get our tickets NOW as they sold out faster than we anticipated last year and see if you qualify for a Cider Dayze discount code with advanced purchase!


Two Good Reasons Why Blake’s Cider Dayze ROCKZ! 

First, it’s hosted by none other than Andrew Paul Blake, a family member, co-founder and manager of Blake’s Orchard and Cider Mill, who said, “Sounds like this festival is gonna be a hell of a time!”

Indeed, it certainly was!

Second, Grant Arbitter, a loyal patron of our local establishment commented, “I had a great time! Good cider and selection, got to meet with a lot of Brewers and talk shop of what to make next. Great crowd and all had fun!”

Although this is one man’s personal opinion, it appears to be the general consensus of our very first event in 2015.

As great as the event turned out we’re not one to rest on our laurels. Always wanting to push the envelope we are striving to be not only the best hard cider producer in the Mitten state, we want to host the best parties, events and festivals for all things beer and cider in the entire country.

What’s All The Craze About Michigan Cider Dayze? 

For starters we have a number of lively activities to keep you, the responsible drinker, totally entertained without a dull moment to spare throughout the event including cornhole, barrel races, beer stein hold, apple bobbing, a brew camp and more.

Not doin’ it for ya’?

Try this on for size.

Instant access to some of the best barbecue at Bad Brad’s BBQ (try saying that tongue twister 10 times fast: Bad Brad’s BBQ, Bad Brad’s BBQ, Bad Brad’s BBQ, whew) and The Mulefoot Gastropub.


How about we give you what you’re coming to Armada Cider Days for; to fill your bladder with a smorgasbord of drinking samples!

Meagan Meade said this about our vendors at last year’s event, “This was such a good event. I thought all we were going to get there were ciders but upon arrival we discovered they had tents with ciders, beers, wines, and meads! Vendors were very generous with their samples and the food and music was great. Definitely going back to this.”

Darn. She caught us red-handed. Guilty as charged. We confess. Sometimes we have a tendency to ‘over-deliver’ and ‘under-promise. We hope you don’t mind, although we have a sneaking suspicion you won’t (smiles).

We don’t want you thinking about finances so much as we do you having a wonderful time at our event. We figure if you do you’ll be back for seconds, thirds and caseloads of our vendor selections.

Aside from sampling our own hard cider, we have products from Uncle John’s orchard, Vander Mill ciders, Sietsema Orchards, Tandem Ciders, Starcut Ciders, Fieldstone Hard Cider, and more will be on hand. The late summer festival will also have beer from Founders Brewing, Rochester Beer Co., Atwater Brewery, Falling Down Beer Co., Perrin Brewin Company, Cellerman’s and more each year.

Tickets! Get Yer’ Tickets Here! 

So how much are these coveted tickets to Blake’s Cider Dayze 2016 Festival going to run you?

Surprisingly, quite inexpensive considering the quality of free live music, food, party games and beers and hard ciders (some even rare specialties) on tap.

Ticket prices vary from $35 – $55 depending on advanced ticket sales and at-the-gate prices. This includes 15 drinking ticket samples and a souvenir glass. The sooner you get the tickets, the more money you save hence the price range.

There’s also the option to catch a $5 shuttle bus from Woodward Avenue Brewers in Ferndale; $10 round-trip.

Where Is The Cider Dayze Festival LOCATION? 

This event takes place from August 27th to August 28th 2016. It’s a non-profit event put on by the Armada Lions Club so you know your participation funds local charity groups in our community where it’s most needed.

Our sponsors for the 2016 event are Axle Brewing company, Bad Brad’s BBQ and Ellison Brewery and Spirits from East Lansing, MI.

Where do you go to attend this event? Below is where you can find this event’s location:

17985 Armada Center Rd Armada, MI 48005. Visit CiderDayze.com to purchase your tickets now before you miss the boat. More questions? Call us at (586) 784-5343 or email us at info@blakefarms.com for more information or business inquiries.



So there you have it. That’s the Michigan Cider Dayze Festival review in a nutshell.

We’ve covered every possible angle we could think of without ‘spoiling the special surprise’ we have in store for you, but you have to experience it for yourself to believe it as Mart N. Mel Bradley said poetically, “It was better than expected as there were also beers on sample for those people that are not total cider drinkers. Looking forward to next year’s.”

In other words, if you’re expecting your average beer festival drinking event, you’ll be disappointed because we’ve transformed the word “festival” into a “phenomenon”!

If you thought last years event was ‘the bomb diggity bomb’, wait until you see THIS years 2016 ‘phenomenon’. It’ll knock your socks clean off as it had with Erica Lynn Cheok who said, “We had so much fun! We’re already committed to coming to next year’s event.”

In Blake’s We Trust,

BHC Team Staff

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