Michigan Cider Mills with fresh Hard Cider and Donuts


Do you have a strong craving for some good ol’ fashion hard cider, donuts and sugary treats? If so, this article will share 5 of the best spots for you to go to. 

    But first, if you haven’t had a chance to **visit our website** yet, we strongly recommend you do so if you’re interested in enjoying some of the best hard cider we have to offer to date.  
    Also, visit your local Kroger and/or Meijer grocery store near you today, ask for ‘Blake’s’, and a customer service representative will direct you to the proper area. 
    Below we share with you 5 of the best Michigan Cider Mills we know that serve fresh hard cider and donuts. Of course, there are many more, so consider this a shortlist of the better ones we know. 

Yates Cider Mill

    Located in Rochester Hills and water-powered since 1863 (gee that’s a long time!), Yates mill presses 300 gallons of freshly blended apple cider an hour. 
    Visitors enjoy an array of freshly baked donuts, apple pies, and other delicious treats as they walk along the creek side trails feeding the variety of animals at the petting zoo. 

Spicer’s Orchard and Cider Mill

The Spicer Family has been growing fruit in southeastern Michigan for over 100 years. In fact, the first farm was taken by horse and wagon to downtown Detroit to what we know it as the Farmers Market. The first market was located near the corner of Grand River road and Novi road. 

Franklin Cider Mill

    Located in the Franklin Historic District north of Downtown Detroit, Franklin Cider Mill has been pressing 100% fresh, organic hand-picked apples into cider since 1895.  
    If you’re craving for a little sweetness visit in September for their Hony Crisp Cider and take home with you their home made apple pie or a bag of their signature cinnamon spice donuts for the road. 


Friske Cider Mill

    Growing and harvesting 5.5 million pounds of fresh Michigan fruit annually, Friske Orchard produces enough apple cider to fill an eight-story square office building. Friske’s 300 acre orchard includes a partial historical Michigan centennial farm, a state-of-the-art processing and storage facility, and personal homes for farm family and staff. 
    Certainly, we saved the best for last. Our very own Orchard. 

Blake’s Orchard and Cider Mill


    Family owned and operated since 1946 we were the first pick-your-own orchard in all of Michigan. 
    James Ternes (facebook) said, “I’ve been there a few times now and never disappointed! The food was delicious as were the hard ciders and wine! We love the atmosphere, especially with the live music on Friday nights. The staff is always courteous, helpful and friendly! One of my favorite places for a night out!” 
    We’re ideal for a wholesome, safe and fun family outing with fresh pressed cider and donuts along with a full slate of bakery items to indulge in. 
    Since opening, Blake Farms evolved into a family entertainment hub including train rides, cornfield mazes, pony rides, and several animated attractions along with other family specified activities. 
    Over the years we’ve grown to include night time and seasonal themed attractions as well including Blake’s Night-time Haunted Hayride and Three Story Haunted Barn Halloween scares. 
    Icknay Ennettbay said herself that, “Blake’s is A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Their product is superior, the environment they’ve created is stupendous, and they have a top of the line staff well trained to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. The ownership has really built a quality product that will be valued by the community for generations and generations.” 
    Could we have said it better ourselves? Come to Blake’s were friends are made and memories are shared and visit our website here. 


In Conclusion…

    We’d love to invite you to come visit us at 17985 Armada Center Road Armada, MI 48005 when your in town. And feel free to give us a call at 586-784-9463 or shoot us an email at: info@blakefarms.com if you have any questions or inquiries. Lastly, visit our website at **blakefarms.com** where we routinly release product updates and news releases on all things cider. 
    Here are a few selections we offer nationally in stores as well as exclusively in our very own cidery location: Flannel Mouth, El Chavo, Beard Bender, WakeFire, Cider Dayze, Catawampus, Aurora, Wayward Winter, Apple Lantern, The Tonic, Snap Dragon, Cyser and our signature series, Wassail, Chapeau Brun, Sante and Amshire. 
    Along with our seasonal selections, we’re consistently introducing and retiring selections to keep you and all our other Blakanites coming back for more! 
    Also, be sure to go to your local Meijer and/or Kroger grocery store near you to grab yourself a 6-pack (or two) of our award winning hard ciders today! 
    Until net time, my friend, have a glass on us.

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Fun Hard Cider Fact #1: A Serious Case of Lockjaw

    Hard Cider is ‘hard’ enough for most people, but if you’re looking for a stronger edge you can always make hard cider even ‘harder’. Apple brandy and applejack are distilled ciders that is so potent and powerful, it’s drinkers nicknamed it “Lockjaw”.


Fun Hard Cider Fact #2: There’s a Cider For You, Too (Yes, even the craft beer afficiando)

Hard Cider has developed this sort of reputation as being a ‘sweet drink’, when it couldn’t be furthest from the truth. 
Whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer your beverages dry, there’s a  
variety out there with your name written all over it. Blake’s has a range of ciders that suit all palates, flavors and sugar levels. 

Fun Hard Cider Fact #3: The Founding Fathers of America LOVED Us!

Hard Cider’s history spans generations, we’re talking Colonial times — the Founding Fathers were known to have enjoyed hard cider regularly, in most cases, more often than you. Drink up! 😉 
    Don’t be shy. We’d love for you to come pay us a visit and see what we have to offer you today. You won’t be disappointed. Visit our website here.

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