MoPop Festival Review

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In this MoPop Festival Review held at West Riverfront Park in Downtown Detroit is a slice of what Detroit is made of.

The festival is a kaleidoscope of entertainment including indie artists to perform on two stages, a craft tent, beer garden, tech showcase, and a plethora of food trucks to feed attendees.

Although Blake’s wasn’t at previous years events we welcome you to try our hard ciders today at your local Kroger and Meijer grocery store.


Lollapalooza…Here We Come!

With a small, intimate crowd in the 2015 and 2016 Mo Pop festival event, each year the numbers grow steadily and quickly. So quick, in fact, that we believe, given a few more years to establish itself as headlining festival and through word of mouth the numbers will begin to soar. Lollapalooza may have their work cut out for them in the next 3 – 5 years with success like this.


Credit Karma Arcade

Free water. Free games. Free drinks. What more could you ask for? And by drinks we mean “water”, not alcohol, buddy (smiles).

Credit Karma’s Arcade is a welcome addition to the festival especially in the sweltering Michigan July heat. Need to cool off a bit from all of that hopping and dancing around? Step into the tent and relax. And who can deny fresh, clean water…for free? While everyone is sweating bullets Credit Karma provides a little H20 relief to festival attendees to keep the party going.

Water and air conditioning maybe essential to human survival, but classic arcade games are more valuable than any of those two combined! Who can resist the charm of Ms. Pacman, Dig Dug, Donkey Kong, Tetris, Spy Hunter or The Simpsons arcade games. God we miss the good ol’ days. And thanks to MoPop’s sponsor Credit Karma festival goers got the opportunity of a lifetime to take a ‘blast in the past’ and relive their childhood memories.

Now if only we can figure out how to get our hands on a few of those machines and put them in our location?



Food Truck Rally Alley

With all the music and beer, a festival isn’t a festival without food. Good food. Damn good food. And that’s what the Food Truck Rally Alley represents. Detroit’s very best food dispensaries on wheels. Here are vendors who attended 2016’s event and many of whom you can expect to see in the future:

Concrete Cuisine – Frickles, Sweeties, Wedges, and Sandwiches! Gourmet eats on the streets.

CHICKEN COUPE – serving chicken & waffles, bbq. chicken, sweet potato fries, and much more!

DELECTABOWL – We bowl up fresh home-cooked comfort food with an original and modern twist.

EL GUAPO – Taking “Fresh Mexican” to the streets and turning it upside down – fusing it with all varieties of international cuisine.

GO! SY THAI – Yummy, made-to-order, floating menu from Detroit’s very own Go! Sy Thai

HERO OR VILLAIN -Gourmet deli food truck offering quality classic: Heroes, and sandwiches with a diabolical spin: Villains.

ISLAND NOODLES – Freshly made Yaki-Soba noodles stir-fried over a wok stove with fresh garlic, ginger, and vegetables.

LIVING FOODS TO GO – Living Foods To Go is dedicated to providing foods that will feed your body with nutrients and energy in a delicious way. The first truly healthy and quick alternative to fast food.

LOS DOS AMIGOS – Serving up Mexican Food from Southwest Detroit for over 10 years!

MAC SHACK – Gooey noodle masterpieces lovingly prepared using fresh, high quality ingredients. The famous Mac Shack warms the soul and brings people together.

THE MEAN WEENIE – The Mean Weenie Food Truck is a gourmet twist on the All American favorite hot dog, highlighting Michigan’s finest products, Dearborn All Beef Dogs, Buns Browns and gourmet toppings made from local Michigan farms and farmer’s markets

ROLLIN STONE – Serving our 5 Favorite Authentic Wood Fired Pizzas Cooked inside our Italian Wood Fired Oven.

THE ROLLING STOVES – satisfying your craving one fried pickle at a time.

SLOWS BBQ – A gourmet spin on BBQ

THE PITA POST – Pita sandwiches with a gourmet flair using all fresh and natural ingredients.

TREAT DREAMS – Serving the most original and innovative Homemade Ice Cream in Michigan.


The V.I.P Experience

For a little extra dough (and by ‘dough’ we mean $150 more than a standard general admission ticket for $249), you can get the VIP lifestyle with loads of extra luxuries and amenities.

The V.I.P tent gives you a perfectly shaded view of all live musical performances with a cash bar and private food vendor. There are also tables with built-in phone chargers to keep your electronics juiced to the max to make sure you get complete coverage of your experience on photo and film. There are also couches to keep your butt from wet grass stains and other creepy crawlies.

According to V.I.P’ers, the BEST part about the extra expense was the air-conditioned bathroom trailer. After several hours in the heat, loud music and heightened energy you’re greeted with light music in the background as you empty your bladder to make room for, what else? More alcohol, of course.



There are few ways to truly embrace the MoPop experience without a nice cold, adult beverage to wash down all the delicious food available to attendees on food trucks.

Axle Brewing brought their ‘A’ game with India Pale Ale IPA, American Pale Ale, and Livernois Lager.

Pabst brought to the table Not Your Fathers Root Beer, Vanilla Cream Ale and Ginger Ale (and we’d argue “Not Your Mothers” either).

Roak graced us with Livewire India Pale Ale, Melonfest, Around the Clock Session IPA and Mean Street Amber Ale.

Woodchuck Hard Apple Cider brought Granny Smith, Amber and Day Chaser Semi-dry.

And New Belgium brought Heavy Melon Watermelon Lime Ale, Fat Tire Amber Ale and Citradelic.

It’s official. Getting tipsy with flavor is now possible.

Man drawing beer from tap in an plastic cup and hand oh another man takes beer plastic cup Draught beer. The bartender pours a beer in a plastic cup. On the bar table are plastic cups with a beer


Overall, the MoPop event is one no Detroiter should ever miss. It only takes place once a year and you only have one life to live, so why not spend one or two days soaking up the sun, chatting with old friends while making new ones, listening to live indie music and kicking back a few hard apple ciders and brews to wrap up your weekend.

If you’re around our neck of the woods stop on buy and say “Howdy” at 17985 Armada Center Rd. Armada, MI 48005, give us a call at 586-784-9463 or shoot us an email at for questions or inquiries.

You can also visit us at Blake’s Hard Cider to learn more about our latest products and exciting upcoming events.

In Blake’s We Trust,

BHC Team Staff

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