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In this Oregon Brewers Festival Portland, OR review we are going to cover it’s history, ticket prices, what you can expect, attendee reviews and other important details to make the experience a memorable one for you.

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Oregon Brewers Festival: A Love Affair For All Things Beer   

Portland’s very own Oregon Brewing Festival is one of the nation’s longest-running craft beer festivals with 80,000+ craft beer lovers pilgrimaging to Beervana annually to drink up what the festival has to offer.

What better way to soak in the July sun on a warm afternoon, sip on more than 80 independent craft beers with friends and family along the banks of the Willamette River, with the Portland skyline as a backdrop to the west and Mt. Hood towering in the east?’

The Oregon Brewers Festival exists to provide opportunities to sample and learn about more than 20 craft beer styles.

There will be 111 independent craft beers available this year: 88 from craft breweries from all over the U.S.; and 23 more in the International Beer Garden featuring beers and brewers from Japan, China, Germany and the Netherlands.

The festival’s focus is craft beer, but there’s more than sampling involved.

The event features live music, beer-related vendors, beer memorabilia displays, home brewing demonstrations and an assortment of foods from a variety of regions. The Crater Lake Soda Garden offers complimentary handcrafted root beer for minors and designated drivers.

Whether you prefer Belgians or Blondes, Pales or Pilsners, Saisons or Wits – come to the Oregon Brewers Festival and discover why we’re one of the world’s best loved craft beer festivals.

Oregon Brewers Festival Reviews and Testimonials    


   “I volunteered to pour and had a great time serving up gallons of fresh beer to thousands of happy festival goers. I saw things from both sides of the event and I have to say I was impressed with the way everything was organized and functioned very smoothly.” – Jeff W.- Portland, OR

“I have been to the Portland beer festival for a couple of years now. It seems that the quality and selection of beer lately not up to par.” Jose C. – La Habra, CA

“They had an interesting spread of breweries, including some from NZ and Netherlands… Great spot to taste a huge variety of beers!” Sudipto G. – Portland, OR

“Beer fest was great. Beer choices were slightly above average. Out of the 10 beers that I tasted-I loved Mushroom Ale the best. I rated the fest 3 star as they continually tapped out of good beers and there wasn’t any control over people smoking in the vicinity. They were minors and it was pretty crowded so I anticipate some control over public smoking.” Astha M. –  Portland, OR

“First, the pros.  a lot of beers (that’s no surprise). Prices seem fair/normal. Nuts and pretzels for sale. A few food options (pizza, burgers, etc). Now the ‘cons’. super dusty. I wanted to see some awesome vendors! Like, not beer vendors. Brew your own beer kits, those sticks you put in your whiskey for flavor, aged whiskey kits, clothing, beer openers, mugs meant for the freezer, etc etc. There was nothing like this! You have to buy a $7 cup in order to participate” – London L. – Portland, OR

“Heat. Dirty sand feet. Crowds. Drunks. Long bathroom lines. Long beer lines…Grab a few friends, break out that penny saved, penny earned jar, and try some beer already! :)” Jaime C. – Portland, OR

  Tips, Secrets and Facts    

* Avoid the weekend-leg of the event like the plague and visit on a Go Wednesday or Thursday if you are going to try beer, otherwise you’ll be surrounded by inebriated people, a big drunken crowd yelling and spilling beer on you, dealing with long lines and shortages of the more popular beers.

* Consider paying for full glasses of better beers instead of sampling multiples, then you can sit and enjoy it.

* Go with friends and find a good area to sit. Send several people out at a time and save your comfy sitting area.

* Do some research ahead of time so you can avoid the beers you know that you won’t enjoy. They have apps you can download for this.

* You *may* want to think twice when using their porta-potties (unless you go on the 1st day of the event, which is Wednesday)

Oregon Brewers Festival Location, Tickets and Details    


OBF is non-ticketed event with no admission charge to enter the festival grounds. However, to consume beer, the one-time purchase of a 2016 souvenir 12-ounce clear plastic mug is required and costs $7. Beer is purchased with wooden tokens, which cost $1 apiece. It costs four tokens for a full mug or one token for a taste.

The purchase of mugs and tokens is made on-site in one location, although there are a handful of local businesses that sell them up to two weeks prior to the event. The mug/token sales booth is CASH ONLY and does not accept credit cards or checks. The festival does provide eight ATM machines on premise.

The festival is held at Tom McCall Waterfront Park, Portland, Oregon Main entrance at SW Oak Street and Naito Parkway; other entrances at SW Pine St, under the Morrison St Bridge and along the sea wall at Pine.

Dates: July 27–31, 2016 — “Always the last full weekend in July”

Times: Wednesday through Saturday, taps open from Noon to 9 pm

Sunday, taps are open from Noon to 7 pm


So there you have it. That’s the Oregon Brewers Festival review in a nutshell.

If you’re looking to have a good time with family and friends while listening to premier live music over several glasses of cold craft beer, this Oregon Brewers Festival is the place you need to be!

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