World Beer Festival Review


In this World Beer Festival Review we are going to cover it’s history, ticket prices, what you can expect and attendee reviews.

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World Beer Festival: History In The Making


There’s a great quote by Homer Simpson (The Simpsons Cartoon) that goes, “Beer: The cause of, and solution to all of life’s problems.”

The World Beer Festival is one helluva’ event take takes place quarterly in Durham, NC; Raleigh, NC; Columbia, SC and Cleveland, OH.

With the industry growing leaps and bounds in the last two decades, there are roughly 100+ breweries, ranging anywhere from large (Pabst, Heineken) to tiny (local breweries like both Carolina Breweries).

In addition to mouthwatering rare craft beer selections there’s food and live music. This is THE place where you discover in only 4 hrs what beers you LOVE and what beers you HATE. Of course, what you love, others will hate, and what you hate, others will love. There’s a beer for every palate and taste bud. Choose from lagers, pilsners, domestic, foreign, banana bread and more; they’re all there!

 World Beer Festival Attendee Reviews and Testimonials  

“Great event, though it was raining, they had tents set up and the whole thing was a blast!” – Kelly H. Raleigh, NC

I’ve been to many beer festivals in the area and this is one I will definitely revisit. Oh – and they had the best souvenir/tasting glass over every other beer fest!” – Neelam and Chris – Cary, NC

“Great event. Came from Idaho to attend. The website was a bit too busy and too many offerings. The beer and cheese event was ill prepared but still nice.”Bryan F. – Idaho Falls, ID

“The selection was great! Tons of different beers. All of the vendors would pour you as much as you would like. We went to the booths we liked and many times kept getting pours.” – Christina M. – New York, NY

” Although it was still crowded, I never waited more than 20 seconds in each line. The selection of breweries represented was amazing – both new and old. Some of my faves were there: Mother Earth, Abita, Sierra Nevada, OMB, Big Boss and Lone Rider…the crowd was excited and chill at the same time. There were at least 8 high quality food trucks with some just plain good food. Definitely a great time. Hung with old friends and made some new ones! Good times were had by all. If you haven’t gone, make sure you go next year!!!” — Michael N. – Charlotte, NC

“Good weather, relatively short lines, and tents were nicely spaced apart… I liked how there were free bottles of water and small buckets everywhere to pour out beer samples that you didn’t finish…there’s also an entire tent dedicated to local brewers and another one for learning about beer. Highlights included a few surprisingly awesome watermelon beers and some funky tasting ones that involved smoked wood chips.” – Diana X. – Philadelphia, PA

“best part about WBF compared to other beer fests I’ve attended is the detailed program which can help you locate a brewery and see exactly what they have on tap. The second best part of WBF is just the sheer variety. You cannot drink your way through the entire thing — but you’ll have fun trying!” – Christina G. – Durham, NC

World Beer Festival Tips, Secrets and Facts  

* If you want to avoid any chance of running into drunk drivers post-event, take the bridge bus. It’s a bus that leaves from downtown Raleigh and will bring you straight to the festival and back safely.
* The heat in Durham can get pretty intense and there isn’t always enough seating/room in the shaded tent areas so it may serve you well to carry a small umbrella to help shield yourself from the sun (and good pair of sunglasses!)

* Attend the afternoon session and, if possible, avoid the evening session. The evening session is typically the tail-end of the event with brewers running out of beer, packing up their equipment and leaving. Also, the majority of people leaving the evening session are at least a bit tipsy.

* Request small amounts of beer at each booth so by the end of the afternoon you’ve sampled 50+ beers and got the most of the tasting experience.

* Prepare for it to be an all-day affair as it gets difficult to soak/guzzle it all in without taking a nap in the mix.

* This may sound crass but, plan ahead when you need to urinate. The wait time to use a restroom at this event can be anywhere from 5 – 10 minutes long. If you feel ‘it’ coming, stop what you’re doing and take care of it now before you find yourself shoving through crowds of people to a bathroom.

* Food prices, surprisingly, are reasonable (not carnival prices)

* Do NOT bring your whole family, especially children. It’s not that kind of “festival”.

Tickets! Get Yer’ World Beer Fest Tickets Here!    


So how much are these special event tickets to the World Beer Festival >going to cost you exactly?

General Admission to World Beer Festival Durham: $45

Tasting glass with unlimited four-ounce tastings from over 250 of the finest beers

Access into the Art of Beer Experience for beer ingredient samplings, pairings, educational seminars, a mini commercial brewery and more!

VIP Admission to World Beer Festival Durham: $95
Tasting glass with unlimited four-ounce tastings from over 250+ craft beers

A bonus selection of rare and unique beers

Access to VIP lounge food

Access into the Art of Beer Experience for beer ingredient samplings, pairings, educational seminars, a mini commercial brewery and more!

The VIP lounge will be located in a private hospitality area with air conditioning and real bathrooms

Commemorative festival gift

3 issue subscription to All About Beer Magazine


So there you have it. That’s the World Beer Festival Review in a nutshell.

If you’re looking to have a good time with family and friends while listening to premier live music over several glasses of cold craft beer, this festival is the place you need to be!

By the way, the Cider Dayze Festival is just around the corner for a fun road trip with friends and family to Michigan’s best for even more exclusive beer and hard cider selections.

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