Angry Orchard vs Woodchuck Hard Cider Taste Comparison


Let’s get ready to RUMBLEEEEEE! In the right corner is 3-time undefeated champion, Angry Orchard. In the left corner is the underdog Woodchuck. Who wins the ultimate taste test?

But first, if you haven’t had a chance to **visit our website** yet, we strongly recommend you do so if you’re interested in enjoying some of the best hard cider we have to offer to date.

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Now that we got the shameless plug outta’ the way, let’s get down to the nitty gritty taste comparison competition.

Below are general summaries of some of both hard cider companies

First up, is Angry Orchard.

Angry Orchard Hard Cider Taste Test

Though there are several selections we could choose from we decided to pick what we perceive to be the best of them so far. Of course, this is open to interpretation and a matter of preference, but as far as what we believe would be a general preference for first time customers, Angry Orchard’s Green Apple is the first contender.

It has a wonderful balance of tart from the green apples masking the slightly bitter fermentation.

It behaves much like a glass of chardonnay with a big rise and fall champagne-style head with strands of small bubbles.

It comes as no surprise that it smells like green apple suckers, but not any suckers, the kind with the chewy caramel center in the middle. It’s very pleasant that sadly goes away after around a minute or so after pour. Sweet smell, but generally average in comparison to similar offerings from other brands.

The flavor taste like the way it smells with the caramel covered green apple. Fruity flavor. It’s a hair notch or two below the taste of standard ‘apple soda’, except alcoholic, of course. It’s sweet yet ends wth a sharpness that’s fairly enjoyable and surprising. Light carbonation. You will appreciate the true-to-form “crisp apple” flavor advertised on it’s labeling.

Next up we have Woodchuck Hard Cider.

You may be interested in trying our alternative, Apple Lantern.

Woodchuck Hard Cider Taste Test

Similar to Angry Orchard, there are several selections we could choose from, however, we decided to focus on what we believe would have the greatest mass appeal to the most people both familiar and unfamiliar with hard cider. So we chose Amber.

Amber is the first cider crafted from the basement of Woodchuck’s humble beginnings. This hard apple cider recipe remains the same today as it was with the very first bottle back in 1991. Bursting with a big, boastful flavor it is expertly crafted delivering a hard-hitting apple finish.

Similar to Angry Orchard, the Woodchuck Hard Cider “Amber” has an alcohol content of 5% (average)., a popular craft beer rating website gives Woodchuck an overall rating of 36. A little less than Angry Orchard, than again that could also be due to the abundant number of reviews Angry Orchard has over Woodchuck. Also, it could also be due to it being ‘sweeter’ than Angry Orchard’ so it’s closer to the edginess most reviewers are accustomed to in beer.

There is ONE More Contender…

As good as Angry Orchard and Woodchuck Hard Cider may be, there is one hard cidery looming in the shadows brewing it’s concoction of tasty hard ciders.

They’re like the underdogs in the hard cider industry defying all odds sneaking up from behind with a sleeper hit to win all the Oscars on Academy Award night.

Who are they?

None other than Blake’s Hard Cider, of course 😉

Here’s what Average G. from facebook said about some of our delicious offerings, “The ciders were all great…we tried ALL 13 on tap. You can get 3 solid sized sample cups for 10 bucks (totally worth the fun of trying more than just one or two ciders).

We preferred the sweeter/less dry ciders. The only one we didn’t like was the lavender. It tasted like soap. But the smell was so great. And the keeved cider was okay — no carbonation — tasted like apple juice, which was okay but not really our style. Still fun to try though.

Our faves had to be the mango infused (Tasted mostly of mango and was like spiked mango juice) and the Elder Berry — could sip on that for a few hours. We took those two home with us.

The El Chavo was awesome, too. The heat lingers on a bit in your throat the more you drink. It sneaks up on you. Not sure if I could have handled a full glass but a few solid sips was totally worth it.” (Hey. We don’t call it the “El Chavo” for nothing, bud! Only the strong survive…)

In Conclusion…

We’d love to invite you to come visit us at 17985 Armada Center Road Armada, MI 48005 when your in town. And feel free to give us a call at 586-784-9463 or shoot us an email at: if you have any questions or inquiries. Lastly, visit our website at **** where we routinly release product updates and news releases on all things cider.

Here are a few selections we offer nationally in stores as well as exclusively in our very own cidery location: Flannel Mouth, El Chavo, Beard Bender, WakeFire, Cider Dayze, Catawampus, Aurora, Wayward Winter, Apple Lantern, The Tonic, Snap Dragon, Cyser and our signature series, Wassail, Chapeau Brun, Sante and Amshire.

Along with our seasonal selections, we’re consistently introducing and retiring selections to keep you and all our other Blakanites coming back for more!

Also, be sure to go to your local Meijer and/or Kroger grocery store near you to grab yourself a 6-pack (or two) of our award winning hard ciders today!

“Hands down you guys had the BEST cider of WNC Ciderfest! The El Chavo was AMAZING” – Lucy Bradly

“The Flannel Mouth is awesome” – Daniel McDaniel.

Short, to the point. Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Until net time, my friend, have a glass on us.

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