Top 10 Best Craft Beers in Michigan to Die For!


Here’s a top 10 list of our personal favorites giving craft beer in Michigan it’s controversial middle name – SEXY!

Remember ‘way back when’ when Michigan was known for it’s blazingly fast cars and motor production?

Ford, Chrysler and General Motors were household names, not just across the state nor the country, but worldwide.

Now the sheriff has come to town to ‘make some changes ’round here’. The people have spoken and we’ve gone from driving fast Mustangs to chugging down some of the best craft beers you’ve ever had.

And while you’re at it, give Blake’s Hard Cider a try.

Without out further ado, we introduce our top ten craft beer breweries in Michigan that will make you scream “Hot Dog!” when you give these selections a fair shake.

Bell’s Brewery 

This top 10 list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning one of Michigan’s FIRST crafters.

It’s story is classic, traditional yet humble in origin. The first batch began in a soup kettle, now Bell’s is producing beer in over half of the United States. Only in America. If you’re worried about quality being sacrificed to meet volume, don’t be.

Surprisingly, the quality of each bottle produced is the same as it was from the beginning. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

You can visit Bell’s at 8938 Krum Ave, Galesburg, MI 49053

Odd Sides Ales 

If the name doesn’t strike you as a bit ‘odd’, than their craft selections may do the trick.

While most Michigan beer producers slowly lose their charm and individuality, Odd Sides Ales maintains and keeps it with local favorites such as Grapefruit Beer and “Bacon” beer. That’s right. We said, “Bacon”. A smoky delight that matches perfectly with, well, a side of “Bacon”.

You have to try it to believe it. They’re pub is located on 41 Washington Ave, Grand Haven, MI.

Tell ’em we sent ya’.

Founders Brewing Company 

Founders Brewing and it’s forefathers are a couple of misfit beer enthusiasts bold enough to land on territory no beer company has ever dared explored…

…and that is why they succeed.

They’re motto is, “We make beer for folks like us”.

Apparently, it’s a lot more of ‘them’ than they thought. Some of their most popular beers such as All Day IPA, Dirty Bastard and Pale Ale are enjoyed in over 34 states (and growing).

They’re located at 235 Grandville Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503.

New Holland Brewing Company 

New Holland Brewing is located conveniently in Holland, MI. They’re biggest hit is Dragon’s Milk bourbon barrel stout followed by Mad Hatter Midwest IPA and Sundog amber ale.

They’re located at 66 East 8th Street Holland, MI 49423.

Short’s Brewing Company 

One of the few popular large brewing companies that will keep it’s unique offerings and flavors ‘in-house’ for Michiganders only to enjoy, Shorts Brewing offers beer using the highest quality ingredients such to brew selections such as Huma Lupa Licious American IPA and Soft Parade Fruit Rye Ale (mmm, mmm good!)

You can find them at 121 N. Bridge St. Bellaire, MI 49615

Nektar Meadery

Aside from the their totally creative brand name choice, B. Nektar Meadery has been spotlighted in Detroit’s Hour Magazine, the Detroit News and major news channel CNN.

As the name implies, mead is produced using non-pasteurized honey to guarantee the aromatics are preserved during consumption.

Some of their delights include Sage Lime Witbier, Kill All The Golfers and Grapes Gone Wild.

They’re available in 19 other states as well as their local taproom located at 1511 Jarvis Ferndale, MI 48220.

We love us some Mead!

Atwater Brewery 

Located in the historic Rivertown district, Atwater uses the finest malts and hops directly from Germany to brew traditional German lagers using an imported Kasper Schultz brew house.

We personally recommend “Detroit Pale Ale” (Hey. What can we say? We love Detroit!)

They’re located in several states nationwide as well as here at 237 Jos Campau Detroit, MI 48207

Jolly Pumpkin 

Though some may be put off by their selection of sour beers, you will become a fan of it’s sense of charm.

With their wide selection of handcrafted beers and some of the best food of any brewery here in Michigan you will make Jolly Pumpkin your second home.

You can find them at 311 South Main Street, Ann Arbor, MI

Dark Horse Brewing Company 

Dark House is the only craft beer company that was quite fortunate to earn it’s own documentary on the History Channel catapulting it’s name into several stores across the country. It wasn’t by accident when you have selections such as Sapient Trip Ale, Crooked Tree IPA and Amber Ale to back up their national fame.

You can find Dark Horse and all their oddities at 511 S. Kalamazoo Ave. Marshall, MI 49068

Arcadia Brewing Company 

Arcadia has done the ‘impossible’. They took an English-style beer and placed it dead center in the middle Kalamazoo, MI – one of America’s beer capitals.

From the outside looking in, that’s business suicide. But through sheer hard work they pulled it off. Try their Anglers Ale and Cereal Killer. It’s a real treat.

You can find Arcadia at 701 East Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49007

Special Mention #11

Certainly this article wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the #1 hard apple cider producer in Michigan – Blakes’ Hard Cider.

When you have cheerful faces like U.S Representative, Candice Miller, standing front and center with our very own…


…when you have David (right) and Andrew (left) Blake, two young ‘hot shots’ in the Blake’s Family with the fire in their belly to produce the finest hard cider your lips has ever graced…


…and when regulars such as Payton Kiminski and Mike Simpson are sharing laughs over a glass of Blueberry fields Wine and Flannel Mouth Hard Cider…


…it’s hard to deny the magnetic draw we have on people of all backgrounds, races and ages.

Craft beer production is booming. Not surprisingly, hard apple cider is leading the charge with explosive growth since 2012.

We’re looking forward to having you here. If you’re in the area come on over and stop on by at 17985 Armada Center Rd. Armada, MI 48005 , give us a call at 586-784-9463 or shoot us an email at if you have any questions or inquiries.

Until next time, my friend, have a glass on us.

Blakes Hard Cider Co. - Series

Here’s a link to our product selection. You can either visit us personally or visit your local Krogers or Meijers location and grab yourself a cold one.

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