Top 10 Best Hard Apple Cider Beer Brands Better than Craft Beers

Best Craft Hard Cider Brands

Top 10 Best Hard Apple Cider Beer Brands Better than Craft Beers

Whether you’re a spiced hard cider aficionado or green behind the ears (where have you been hiding, buddy?!) we share our favorite ciders in our top 10 Best Hard Apple Cider Beer Brands review…
This review is brought to you by Blake’s Hard Apple Cider Liquor – Michigan’s #1 organic hard apple cider drinks producer. Come stop by sometime. We’d love to see you smile 🙂


** Strongbow Hard Apple Ciders Review **

Bestest over ice, Strongbow may have struck GOLD with their Gold Apple Hard Cider with it’s luscious transparent color, a fruity bouquet of a variety of choice apples, and a rich and complex aroma tickling the hairs underneath your nose.

** Angry Orchard Hard Cider Review **

Nestled in the heart of the “Apple Belt” area of New York known as Hudson Valley, the Crist family took ownership during the ‘hippie era’ with a commitment to bring back traditional cider options as a branch of the famous Samuel Adams beer brand.

Yet of their 13 choices, it’s their flagship cider, Green Apple, that takes home the prize as their best craft beer yet.

When it rains it pours ‘yellow’ as it bubbles underneath your lips. Sweet green jolly ranchers comes to mind when you take a swig of this gala apple flavor. When it warms up, the tartness begins to peak around the corner, but it’s sweetness remains prominent.

** Johnny Appleseed Hard Apple Cider Review **

Aptly named after the pioneer nurseryman who introduced apple trees in Pennsylvania, Ontario, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and West Virginia, this brand of hard cider offers quite a ‘kick’ best enjoyed on the rocks to expose it’s balance of sweet, yet powerful flavors.

** Square Mile Hard Cider Beer Review **

With only two beers to choose from, the Original Hard Apple Cider and Hopped Apple Cider (spur and vine), the ol’ saying “less is more” truly stands out with this classic American brand.

From the moment you pop the cap on this puppy, you get an instantaneous ‘whif’ of red, ripe apples, pear and honeysuckle all at once. Although ‘less’ sweet than other ciders and brands, therein lies its unique taste without overkill.

** Smith & Forge Dry Hard Cider Review **

Backed by major beer distributor, MillerCoors, Smith & Forge is taking no prisoners while ‘forging’ uncharted territory; going where no man has gone before.

It pours nicely in a pint glass. Has little to no head nor much of an aroma. Upon your first sip, the tart bitterness gives way to apple sweetness as it mellows with a light hint of orange peel zest. For a widely distributed brand, it ain’t too bad.

** Woodchuck Hard Cider Review **

With their signature craft cider, Woodchuck Amber, often described as having a fresh, crisp taste, Amber is your traditional cider boasting a big, bold red apple flavor like the days prior prohibition.

** Fox Barrel Pure Pear Cider Review **

Recently merged with the Crispin Cider company, Fox Barrel’s claim to fame is their Pure Pear Cider.

Nothing says “I love you” more when you get lots of pear that carries over to the flavor of the cider with no head accompanied with a pale, yellow tint.

Naturally fermented using 100% pear juice, it is filtered cold, as pure as a virgin, with no preservatives, extra sugars, colorants, malt, spirit, grape or apple alcohols.

** Crispin Natural Hard Apple Cider Review **

Known for it’s ‘crisp and clean’, nor sweet and stick taste, Crispins brand of hard ciders never disappoints taking the road less travelled refusing to being pigeonholed as a traditional “sweet beer” beer alternative. Their “Original” has a fresh, crunchy appley nose with a deliciously sweet, crisp mouth feel over ice.

** Samuel Smith’s Brewery Review **

At the Ol’ Independent British Brewery, Samuel Smith’s naturally conditioned draught beer is hand pulled from oak casks. With all natural ingredients without a hint of additives, sweeteners, colourings, flavorings or preservatives.

Thus, what makes Samuel Smith’s Organic Cider a favorite on our top 10 list is it’s simplicity. No tricks nor gimmicks. It taste like  fresh, handpicked organic apples with a tad of alcohol to top it off. It reminds you of mulled cider you enjoy at Halloween parties, if that’s your sort of thing. A fantastic adult refresher to add to your collection.

** Redd’s Apple Ale Review **

Not much can be said about Redd’s except that it’s flagship cider is not really a cider, but an “Ale”, using brewed rather than fermented apples. However, that doesn’t take away from it’s unapologetic, non-gluten free guilty pleasure.

It has a unique, near-bear-quality taste that is quite good, though a bit on sweeter side of apple brews.

** Blake’s Hard Cider Co.**

One notable mention making waves recently, is yours truly: Blake’s Hard Cider.

Our apples are handpicked in our very own backyard here in cozzy (and often times ‘chilly’) Armada, MI since 1946 (we go WAY back!). Yep. We use the real ‘thing’ because this is our passion. No concentrate. No need. Just pure apples.

We don’t claim to be the best. But some of our friends seem to think so.
Paul Berger said, “Blake’s Hard Cider is some of the best. So authentic. Every batch is different. Every batch is awesome. Catawampus (hoppy and dry), Forstafarian (sophisticatedly sweet and fruity) and El Chavo (mango habanero, subtle spicy that builds) are some of my personal favorites”

A little friendly competition goes a long way. It benefits you, the consumer and makes us better. We learn from the best in the hard cider industry, and strive to do better. There’s more than one way to skin an apple.

Put us to the test. See if Paul’s testimony is true. And try one of our homemade alcoholic apple cider signature flavors today.


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