Blake’s Hard Cider in North Carolina: Better Than Bold Rock?


In this article we compare the two “B”s – Blakes n’ Bold. Which one takes the crown for best hard cider? Let’s find out

The wonderful thing about making hard cider is that there is enough room for anyone with a passion to creatively mix and match different fruits, yeast and processes.

In this article we reveal Bold Rock’s process for creating hard cider and distributing it nationwide.

If you’d like to see our selections, click here to see what we have at your local North Carolina Kroger location.

Since Bold Rock is stationed in North Carolina, we are going to focus on their primary hard cider drink…

** Bold Rock Hard Cider North Carolina Draft **  

Here’s a quick overview courtesy of courtesy of respected cider blogger,

First, the appearance.

It’s brilliant. Warm. And inviting. It looks like your favorite homemade applesauce grandma used to make as a kid. When poured, foam appears on surface, but quickly fades. Clarity is totally brilliant.

Next, is the aroma.

It’s not particularly strong in the nose department, but you will catch a whiff or two of fresh apple, pear and cherries as the glass is raised to your nose. Although light in texture it’s very fruity with no edges.

Lastly, the flavor.

Surprisingly, this cider offers loads of apple flavor with low acidity. It’s quaint and mellow without the tart crispness you come to expect from most mainstream ciders. It’s not too sweet yet simultaneously not to dry. It’s like Goldilocks and the three bears. It’s juuuuuuuust right.

By the time you reach the end you’re treated with the taste of baked apple pie and cinnamon notes to seal the deal – perfect for the fall, but delicious anytime of the year.

If you’re interested in trying out some of our selections, look for Blake’s Hard Cider in Krogers or any other local supermarket near you.

** In Conclusion **  

Blakes Hard Cider Co. - Wakefire

Bottom-line, it comes down to personal preference. We happen to enjoy Bold Rocks offerings and there are many people around the country who do, too.

What we share in common is a passion to deliver the best hard cider in the world. We’ve been doing it since the ’50’s and we don’t intend on stopping.

With that said we believe our selections will make you come back again and again. We don’t have to convince or persuade anyone to come over to the Blake side. We let our cider do the talking for us.

Sharon R. from Amanda, MI (our neck of the woods) recently visited our farm where our cider is made and produced and had this to say:

“Love the new Cider House!  Their new hard cider is so refreshing! Our bartender Jesse was very nice as all the staff. Spent an evening on the patio and was so relaxing. Very quaint!!  Can’t wait to go back….Lavender festival next weekend, think I’ll bring friends who haven’t been. They’ll love it!”

So go and ask your local grocery store in North Carolina if they carry any of our selections and pick yourself up a 6-pack and try for yourself. You can also visit our home website by clicking here.

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