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For several years now we’ve been bombarded with emails and snail mail requests from Chicagoans like yourself requesting we deliver your favorites in The Windy City. Well, the moment has FINALLY arrived…

If you’ve been itching for an ounce of one of our signature famous creations and you’ve contemplated making the 330-mile trek to our hometown here in Armada, MI, to satisfy your bubbling urges, you can save yourself the gas, time and hassle because…

Blake’s Hard Cider Is Here To The Rescue!


Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, we’ve finally come to your neighborhood!

It’s time to crawl out from beneath and visit your local bar, restaurant, Meijer’s or Kroger’s store to enjoy a tall glass or 6-pack of Michigan’s best right around the corner.

As chipper as we are to serve you, it took us a little while to get to you; and for good reason…

…we never settled.

Before choosing to do business with our current distributor, we searched long and hard in every nook and cranny for the most respected distributor before deciding amongst ourselves on who to count on to ensure our products are delivered to you exactly the way it leaves our production facility here in Armada, MI…

Crisp. Refreshing. And Satisfying.

We refused to sacrifice our signature taste for larger numbers and watered down product. We were prepared to dig into our own pockets to make sure you got the cream de la cream from our hard cider “magic” factory.

As you can imagine, every distributor we met had a convincing story to tell to convince us as to why we should contract with them.

However, we understood the best gauge to be those who worked directly with distributors on a daily basis. So we went out touring various bars, clubs, restaurants, and retail stores to get a first-hand consensus on who would deliver our cider to you fastest because we knew they’d give us an accurate and honest account for who they preferred doing business with.

The results, quite frankly…

…we’re shocking.

And the decision was made.

We signed on the dotted line with a reputable, well-known distributor the following week, and within 30 days we were “rockin’ and rollin” with the following selections for sale below:

~ ~ Blake’s Hard Cider Beard Bender ~ ~

It’s not called “Beard Bender” for nothing, pal. This WILL make the hairs stand up on the top of your head and twist your beard a few inches because it’s ‘shockingly’ refreshing and a breath of fresh air.

Funny how when no outside ingredients besides apples are added that it reveals the true flavor of a straight-to-bottle hard cider. It also reveals the quality of the apples grown on the farm from which the apples are fermented. It’s no wonder it’s one of our most popular offerings yet.

It’s a special concoction of our famous bittersharp and bittersweet apples. It’s tarty and crisp at 6.5% ABV.

Here’s what drinkers had to say: Satisfyingly dry cider, a little drier than most others than ciders that advertise themselves as such. Medium body. Light and kind of crispy with a slight carbonation. Pale-like yellow coloring and yellow apple taste. Bon appetit.

~ ~ Blake’s Hard Cider El Chavo ~ ~

Keeping up with our tradition of innovation we decided to ‘spice things up a little’ with El Chavo (Spanish for, “The Kid”). This sweet blend of habanero peppers, mangos, and our farm apples picked directly from our backyard is sure to give you body spasms of pure bliss.

But don’t take our word for it…

Here’s what drinkers had to say: Appearance is that of a pale, yellow transparent body with little to no fast rising carbonation. Apple sweet aroma with a matching sweet taste. The mouthfeel is light carbonation and medium bodied. Fruity finish with a sweet apple aftertaste.

~ ~ Blake’s Hard Cider  WakeFire ~ ~

Summer’s perfect companion, Wakefires generous combination of blended Michigan-exclusive cherries, oranges and Blake’s apples makes this a unique drinking experience with a 6.5% ABV to ‘get the fire going in your tastebuds’.

Here’s what drinkers had to say: Drafty. Sweet smell, hints of cherry. Clear, off-gold with a quick and audibly crackling white head. Red apple, honey, cherry aromas. Much tarter than anticipated; apple and earthy cherry. Cherry lends a nice smoothness, helps ease tartness.

~ ~ Blake’s Hard Cider The Tonic ~ ~

Our first ginger cider, The Tonic, a spring seasonal hard cider, delivers a helluva’ surprise.

The first thing you taste is not ginger, but the crisp cucumber. We know, we know. The last thing that comes to mind when you think hard cider is ‘cucumber’ flavoring, but trust us, it ‘works’. It’s a new twist on an old recipe that’ll knock your socks off!

We don’t recommend stashing this one for a rainy day. It tends to turn if stored for any length of time. When you purchase prepare to drink quickly.

~ ~ Blake’s Hard Cider  Flannel Mouth ~ ~

Crafted from a variety of late seasonal table and dessert apples, Flannel Mouth is a deliciously sweet hard apple cider that finishes with a smooth touch.

Here’s what drinkers had to say: Pours clear pale yellow with white head that dissipates quickly. Dry apple aroma with a decent amount of earthiness and a subtle touch of sweetness and spice. Earthy dry apple flavor with tartness supporting. Semi-dry fruity finish with a sweet apple aftertaste.



When we started this journey to ferment apples from our own apple farm – Blake Farms – we were met with two unique challenges; to create the best hard apple cider this side of town and deliver on our promise to serve our neighboring customers.

It’s no easy task. There are tons of moving parts, dedicated employees, and owners, and red tape we have to sift through in order to make sure you get what you want most…

…more Blake’s Hard Cider.

Andrew Blake, one of the co-founders of Blake’s Hard Cider, is the youth behind this muscle. He brings a fresh take on a growing industry and his insight and uncanny knack for being in the right place, at the right time.

We love you, Chicago, and hope to make as much of a positive impact in your city, as we’ve had the honor to do on our own with the help of our fellow Michigan citizens.

If you’re up for a fun little adventure come by and visit us in our neck of the woods and sample a few of Michigan’s best at 17985 Armada Center Rd. Armada as well as other Michigan exclusives not served in the Chicago area, MI 48005, give us a call at 586-784-9463 or shoot us an email at for questions and inquiries about distribution in the Chicago area.

Lastly, visit our website to learn  about our latest offerings and upcoming exciting events in your area. You can find us on Kroger and Meijer store shelves as well as other specialty retailers, bars, and restaurants in Chicago.
We look forward to serving you and your great city; putting a smile on your face!

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