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In this article we explore the cold ‘hard’ truth about hard apple cider calories and the comparison between beer and lager.

If you’ve been curious as to how many calories are in hard cider, this article will shed more light.

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As people in the United States re-discover their historical fermented apple cider roots (hard cider) prior to prohibition banning the beverage for several decades, there is going to be a growing increase in the caloric intake for various reasons.

We believe it’s largely because there is a wide-spread epidemic of health conscious drinkers who are choosing to drink more responsibly than ever before, which includes watching the waist-line.

This, of course, is a good thing and we welcome the curious mind.

Below is a simple, yet quick assessment of general caloric differences between hard apple cider, beer and lager. There are other drinks in between (i.e. cocktails, wine, etc.) but we are going to focus on the most common comparison.

Hard Apple Cider vs. Beer vs. Lager: Who Wins? 


Hard cider varies in calories depending on brand, with many ciders containing between 140 – 210 calories per standard 12-ounce bottle.

When compared to a 12-ounce bottle of regular beer it has 145 calories (average).

When both beer and hard apple cider is compared to stout it is 180 calories per 12-ounce bottle. Think Woodchuck, Strongbow and Angry Orchard hard cider calories.

Lager is typically the lowest in calories of them all sitting at 120 calories per 12-ounce serving.


“I like the wayward winter. Really like the armada sweet cherry wine and I HATE wine.” — Amanda Goodson

All in all, while hard apple cider, due to it’s natural contents, sounds healthier, you won’t be saving many calories if you choose it over beer and/or lager.

As seen in the brief overview above, on average hard apple cider is typically more caloric dense than other types of drinks available for consumption. Though not by much.

Generally, it comes down to the brand, type of drink, ingredients in the drink as well as other factors determining it’s caloric density.

So although hard apple cider is ‘typically’ slightly more caloric dense, it’s not ‘always’ the case, but it is the general rule. We find the difference to be on average 10 – 30 calories. Again, depending on brand, drink type, ingredients, fermentation process, and so on.

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P.S. Blake’s Fun Fact: During war, instead of wine, people drank Perry.

Perry, a cider made from pears, played a significant role in the history of fertile apple-growing counties such as Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucester of England.

The United Kingdom was often at war with their main wine suppliers, France and Portugal, so shipments of quality wine were scarce and hard to come by.

As an alternative, people drank Perry as a substitute.

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