Hard Cider Cocktails for the Summer Full List

sparkling cocktail decorated with a long lemon twist isolated on a black background

In today’s blog post we’re going to cover a full list of hard cider cocktails for the summer. They’re easily replicable, wine and cider cocktail concoctions.

What we enjoy most about these hard apple hot cider cocktail drinks is that they each serve a different purpose depending on the mood.

Hot and sunny day? Blake’s Apple Cider Sangria with Moscato Wine is the answer.

Unusually cool in the middle of June? Blake’s Apple Cider Sangria with Caramel Vodka is the answer.

Feeling like a conquering your fears for the moment? Try the ever-reliable stone fence recipe.

There are thousands of other variations that are impossible to fit on this list, but we chose the top three we enjoy most using Blake’s Hard Cider and regular apple cider to give it that unique edge.

Blake’s Apple Cider Sangria with Moscato Wine

INGREDIENTS (serves 4)

1 Bottle of Red Moscato Wine – 1 Cup Blake’s Apple Cider (non-alcoholic) – 1/2 Cup Pitted Black Cherries – 1/2 Cup Cranberries – 1 Cup Granny Smith Apples; Cubed


Step #1 – Pour moscato wine into a pitcher.

Step #2 – Add the apple cider, black cherries, cranberries and apples.

Step #3 – Gently stir the fruit and apple cider into the wine.

Step #4 – (IMPORTANT STEP) Let the Sangria sit for at least an hour so the wine can absorb the fruit flavors. Serve chilled with ice.

+   +   +

This cocktail is easy to make and looks tasty in a tall wine glass. When you blend red moscato with Blake’s traditional apple cider (non-alcoholic) which you get is a harmonious Frankenstein-esque sweet concoction that works alongside the apples, cranberries, and black cherries included.

Too sweet for your taste? No biggie. Here’s an easy remedy: Experiment with dry red or white moscato to get the perfect mix that matches what you’re looking for.

What we enjoy most about this drink is it’s versatility. Though we recommend apples, cranberries, and black cherries, it certainly won’t make or break your cocktail. It’ll add character and provide new flavors perhaps no one has thought to come up with before! Plus, this is the perfect drink for traditionally non-alcoholic drinkers. The alcohol content plays a sidekick role that provides a pleasant, yet lingering buzz for yourself and guests.

sparkling cocktail decorated with a long lemon twist isolated on a black background

Blake’s Apple Cider Sangria with Caramel Vodka

INGREDIENTS (serves 8)

1 Bottle of White Wine (we prefer Riesling) – 3 Apples; cut into 1 inch cubes – 4 cups Apple Cider – 1 cup Caramel Vodka – 1/2 cup Caramel Sundae Sauce – 2 Cinnamon Sticks


There are two basic steps to this recipe:

STEP #1 – Add all ingredients to a large pitcher and lightly stir.

STEP #2 – Let set for at least 30 minutes before serving over ice.

+   +   +

Even the most amateur cocktail mixers will find it difficult to muck this up because it’s just so easy to put together (see the two basic steps above). The caramel and apple flavors, unsurprisingly, go together very well, like Bonnie and Clyde. Cher and Bono. Martin and Lewis. (ahem), we think you get the picture (smiles). There’s just something comforting about this drink that puts a smile on anyone’s face. Maybe it’s the delectable combination of white wine, fresh apples, caramel vodka, apple cider, and caramel sundae syrup is akin to drinking a candy apple with a helluva’ kick!

This is an incredibly easy cocktail to put together for company and when guests take their first sip they’ll swear you put blood, sweat and tears into it. Of course, when they ask for the ingredients you’ll sidestep and do a little ‘shuffle’ to maintain it’s secrecy and demand $1 million dollars to divulge the recipe (smiles). Bottom-line, people will beg for more, come to know you as the life of the party and give you the honorary award for “Bartender of the Year”. Yes, it’s THAT good, not to mention cost effective due to only having to use one kind of fruit – apples. You could even pick them off a tree if you could.

+   +   +

Blake’s Stone Fence Recipe

INGREDIENTS (serves 1)

2 ounces gold rum – 6 ounces Blake’s Flannel Mouth or Beard Bender hard cider


There are four basic steps to this recipe:

STEP #1 – Fill a rocks glass with ice.

STEP #2 – Pour the rum over the ice and stir gently.

STEP #3 – Pour the cider on top of the rum.

STEP #4 – Combine with a quick stir and serve.

+   +   +

Best known as the cocktail drink of choice for Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys during the colonial-era, the Stone Fence gave them the ‘liquid courage’ prior to the attack on the British-controlled Fort Ticonderoga – and won.

Apparently, this cocktail will make a winner out of you. Give it shot. Besides, what’s the worst that could happen…winning a revolutionary war? (smiles)

This delightfully simple yet delicious cocktail takes a total time of 2 minutes to prepare, about as long as it takes to twist off the bottle cap and put it back on.



This concludes the article on Hard Cider Cocktails for the Summer Full List. Have you had a chance to try one of our recipes? We sure hope so! They’re very good and we look forward to hearing from you soon about your personal experiences.

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Alternatively, visit our website to learn more about our products, story and history.

On behalf of the Blake’s family,

Cheers, my friend!

Drink responsibly.

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