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So what REALLY is the difference between hard cider and cider? We expose the truth in this article.

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Apple cider vs. Hard Apple Cider 

What is Apple Cider? In America, apple cider is synonymous with the word ‘Apple Juice’. They both mean and are the same exact thing (non-alcoholic). In fact, if you were to travel to some parts of the country you’ll see apple juice and apple cider side-by-side in some cases. In other areas of the country the distinction between apple juice and apple cider will be noted for apple juice has gone through a filtration and pasteurization process while apple cider has not.

What is Hard Cider? Hard cider is simply apple juice or apple cider allowed to ferment and produce it’s own alcohol content.

The natural sugars in apple juice ferment to an alcohol level ranging anywhere between 3% on the low end to as high as 7%. Generally, the drier the cider the more potent the ABV content.

It’s interesting to mention that most English-speaking countries outside of the United States call hard cider ‘apple cider’. The assumption here is that if you have raw apple juice it has probably gone hard. We believe this difference in understanding is a result of U.S. prohibition laws in the early part of the 20th century.

So what does Blake’s Hard Apple Cider Do? 



We produce, market and sell both apple cider (or apple juice) and hard apple cider (fermented apple juice). We make the homemade stuff!

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Until next time, my friend, have a glass on us.

P.S. Blake’s Fun Fact: Cider apples last forever (sort of)

Traditional crops need to be planted, fertilized, watered and sprayed. With cider, you plant a single apple tree and you have an abundance of apples for 70 years or more. During times of drought the apple tree shrugs it’s shoulders’ and outlast them all.

This means more hard cider for you during good times and bad. Although we believe that it’s always a good time when you have a few bottles of **Blake’s Hard Cider** lying around.

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