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So what’s all the hoopla about Julian’s Hard Cider – the apple beer connoisseur? We thought you’d never ask…

…but before diving into the nitty gritty, we’d like to acknowledge that Julian and Blake share many things in common. We’re both family owned, grow our own fresh apples and offer some of the best hard apple cider this side of town.

Now let’s start with…

 ** Julian’s Humble Beginnings **  

Once upon a time when Paul Thomas was but a wee lad working and playing in the mountain hills of Julian, California, he stumbled upon an orchard of fresh apples.

He took it upon himself to try his hand at making hard cider for friends, family and himself to take pleasure. Fast forward a couple of years, Julians hard cidar was in ‘hard’ demand, so much so, word got around nationwide making it fairly challenging to not only keep up quality expectations, but maintain speed and delivery.

After years of pressing fresh hard cider with local apples for his close-knit circle, he took “one small step for man, and one GIANT leap for hard cider” when he stepped up to the plate to take his passion into a full-fledged, family run operation to this day.

So what has the country salivating at the mere thought of a Julian’s Hard Cider?

 ** Julian Hard Cider Harvest Apple **

This traditional blend of fresh-pressed fermented apple juice with Champagne yeast and, 6.99% alcohol content and no added sugar is the ‘clear choice’ for someone who likes a British style semi-dry cider with trace elements of tartness that is quite friendly.

When poured into your favorite glass it is clear and fairly pale; think “White Gold”, which is fitting considering our operations are here in sunny California.

Upon consumption you’ll notice immediately the light mouthfeel. It’s acidic with a tartness bordering on the line of a pleasant sourness. It’s lively, refreshing, and crisp.

The finish does sweeten up an otherwise ‘non-applely’ taste, though it doesn’t last as long as most standard apple hard ciders.

If you want a slightly sweeter blend, try Blake’s Flannel Mouth.

** Julian Hard Cider Apple Pie ** 

This festive little heart warmer is sure to tug on your heartstrings, making you a fan for life as it’s flavor reminds you Grandma’s secret pie recipe fresh from the ovens.

Unlike the ovens, Julian’s Apple Pie Hard Cider is fresh from the cider mills with spicy notes of sweet apple goodness penetrating every inch of your taste buds.

This is a guilty pleasure you unapologetically enjoy as it brings you back to Grandma’s ol’ kitchen.

 ** Julian Hard Cider Cherry Bomb ** 

This explosive, tart yet sweet blend of Montmorency Cherries is a powerhouse of intense flavors jam-packed with a range of healthy vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

The bloody red color gives it a personality rarely found. The first sip will ignite your taste buds while reminding you why Julian’s is a cut above the rest.

As you get past the initial taste test you’ll be warmly welcomed with their signature crisp, clean hard apple flavors which really shines by the time you are halfway through your pint glass.

With a respectable 6.99% ABV, all of it’s health properties and it’s deliciousness, this could very well be the fountain of youth as you smile from ear-to-ear — like a kid in the candy store — until the very last drop.

 ** Julian Hard Cider Black n’ Blue ** 

Like the name implies, this freakishly delicious fruity cider with it’s intimidating deep blackberry hue is sure to knock you out so fast it’ll make Mike Tyson jealous.

When you take a whiff you’ll experience a utopia of fresh fruit whizzing my the nostrils of your nose. No candy-like or artificial flavors here! As the French like to say, “il est tout naturel” (it is all natural).

It has a unique darkly bitter sweetness because of the different sugars, acids and other natural components ‘squaring away together in the ring’.

The only downside maybe that it’ll limit your food pairing options because of the fruits, but with a drink this damn good, we think we’ll give it a pass.

 ** Julian Hard Cider Razzmatazz ** 

Not much can be said about the “Razzmatazz” without spoiling the magical surprise.

But here’s what we’re allowed to say about it:

It’s 100% fresh-pressed hard apple cider with a blend of luscious, sun-ripened red raspberries at 6.99% ABV

It’s limited in production and is only available to a select lucky few before it disappears from public consumption like the days of prohibition.

As for the taste and flavor of this rather mysterious hard beverage, we’ll let you decide the final act.

** Conclusion **  


Overall, we give Julian’s line of hard ciders a TWO THUMBS UP!

At his point you’re wondering “Where can I buy Julian Hard Cider?”

Some of their beverages can be found in your local store, but most of them can only be had if you’re in the California area.

And as for Blake’s, some of our friends have been around so long we’ve watched them grow up to be ‘fine young adults’, and they’ve watched us grow to be one of Michigan’s top hard cider mills.

Dawn Cuthbertson is one such person.

She said, “This has been my favorite Cider Mill, we’ve been going since I was knee high to a grasshopper,  it’s a family tradition that’s been passed down for generations. We love the area in the back for kids to play and wear themselves out. It’s a must for all families.” (courtesy of google reviews)

Ask your local grocery store, pub, bar and liquor store if they carry our products. If you’re in the Michigan area stop by at our home 17985 Armada Center Rd. Armada, MI 48005, give us a call at 586-784-9463, or visit us as blakeshardcider.com

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