Guinness and Cider Mix Guide, Perfect Black Velvet


There’s nothing quite like soft black velvet rubbing against your skin, so imagine a drink cocktail that does the same inside and out?

In this Black Velvet Drink review we are going to show you step-by-step how to mix an oldie’ but goodie’ classic in less than 5 minutes from home.

So what is the Perfect Black Velvet drink cider?  

Black Velvet Drink Guinness dates back to the mid-1800’s when it was created by a bartender of Brooks’s Club in London to mourn the death of Prince Albert who suddenly died from a bout with typhoid fever.

Supposedly, it symbolizes the black and/or purple cloth armbands worn by mourners.

This concoction needs only two main ingredients. It requires zero skill, zero shaking, zero stirring, and zero swirling. What IS required is a bit of patient and proper set-up.

Basically, you have two different variations for black velvet mixed drinks:

The Poor Man and The Rich Man.

The Rich Man’s Black Velvet consists of Guinness and champagne, while the Poor Man’s Black Velvet variation consists of Guinness and Blake’s Flannel Mouth hard apple cider.

The preferred combination for most Black Velvet drinkers is the Poor Man – Guinness and hard apple cider.

Below are the two (yes, two) ingredients you need:

  1. 4oz of Blake’s Flannel Mouth Hard Apple Cider

2. 4oz of Guinness Stout (Guinness from the can works best)

3. Black currant juice (optional)

That’s it.

Now here’s what you do: first, hold your glass at an angle and gently pour a little over half of hard cider.

Next, bend a metal spoon in the shape of the letter “L”; like a soup spoon, place in the center of the glass and slowly pour the Guinness over the spoon to evenly distribute the flow of liquid and keep it from mixing with the cider. Guinness MUST always be on top.

Lastly, add black currant juice to create Red Velvet (optional) and enjoy!

** In Conclusion ** 

Watching as the two drinks pour and settle into it’s glass is an enjoyable experience. Friends and family will fancy you a mixologist when it’s all said and done (wink wink).

We know, we know. This combination seems odd, but we believe that’s why it works. It defies logic in the same way moon-walking defies gravity. It’s a pleasant gift that keeps on giving well after and before the Holiday’s.

If your Black Velvet does indeed turn out “Perfect”, you’ll notice how the light and dark colors separate to give you a flavor that treats you with the stout first followed by a cider aftertaste. The Guinness and Blake’s Flannel Mouth hard apple cider compliment each other like Bonnie and Clyde on a bank run. The stout tempers the ciders’ sweetness while the cider spices up the stout.

It looks like black velvet and feels just as smooth on the tongue as it gracefully makes it’s way through every cell your body. It’s a dangerous combination no doubt that’s incredibly easy to make from home.

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And remember, drink responsibly.

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