Blake’s Hard Cider in Tennessee


We have a special place in our hearts for the wonderful residents of Tennessee. Who could ever forget the King of Pop himself, Elvis Presley and his beautiful estate, Graceland?

Aside from the musical influences that touch our hearts and souls in a way few do your taste in Blake’s Hard Cider is a compliment in itself.

Many states are pushing for us to get in their cities and we typically choose to distribute in areas where people show the most interest. Besides, we’d hate to deliver one too many batches that get old or stale from sitting on the shelf for too long.

We go where we are wanted most, and you wanted us, so now we’re officially distributing in select cities of Tennessee! Welcome to the family. Glad to have you home Tennessean.

Your desire created a strong desire within us to get to you as fast as we possibly could without a minute to spare.

Below are selections we typically distribute. Some you’ll find in your local area, others you won’t depending on the vendor and what they wish to carry in their establishments:


This is the first ginger cider we released, which is a bit ‘unusual’ considering Ginger ciders are the most popular with other hard cider brands. It’s a “staple”. A “go-to”. A “confidant”. And for good reason; because it sells.

But we’re wired a bit ‘differently’. Instead of traveling the most obvious route we took a small detour releasing other popular favorites before coming back around full circle to practically reinvent the meaning of a Ginger hard cider.

Instead of giving you the most obvious expectation of Ginger on the tongue, we hit you with a crisp taste of cucumber that, even if you hate cucumbers, you fall in love instantly. It’s very unconventional yet it works surprisingly well. You’d have to taste it to believe it yourself.

We’ll leave you with the words from an Matt M., and Untappd.Com reviewer who said in so many poetic words…

“This is pretty damn good.”

Short. Simple. And Sweet. Just the way we like it as you will, too.



One of the original three cider varieties we released as our flagship, the Flannel Mouth is in a league of its own.

We’re no fans of comparisons but drinkers compare it to Angry Orchard or Woodchuck varieties. It’s much more ‘bearable’ on the palate and doesn’t leave that slightly alcoholic apple juicy flavor associated with those brands.

Our Flannel Mouth is light, clear, and mostly still (non-carbonated). It’s sweet but not ‘syrupy’. We use fresh apples from our own farm now allowing our product to sit for any over-due period of time.


We don’t call it ‘Beard Bender’ for nothing. This’ll make the hairs on the top of your head stand up in attention because of how refreshing, unique and creative this offering is.

There are ZERO outside ingredients to assist in its flavors. Just good ol’ Blake Farm apples straight from the press. Few people let their ‘apples do all the talking’ because if they did there’d be so many inconsistencies and bad apples that it would taste quite horrible. We’re confident in our batches and it shows in this drink.



Come by and visit us in our neck of the woods and sample a few of Michigan’s best at 17985 Armada Center Rd. Armada, MI 48005, give us a call at 586-784-9463 or shoot us an email at for questions or inquiries about the sale of our assets.

You can also visit us at Blake’s Hard Cider for more information about our latest products and exciting upcoming events.

Lastly, you can find us on Kroger and Meijer’s store shelves in Michigan, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, Tennessee and Wisconsin. We are quickly expanding our distribution to other nearby states so check with your local grocery and liquor store chain for updates in your area.

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