Where To Buy Hard Apple Cider? Blake’s Cider Finder App


Have you ever had an ‘itch’ for a Tonic, Flannel Mouth, El Chavo, Grizzly Pear, or other hard cider we distribute only to be disappointed when you finally make it to the alcohol-carrying establishment through rain, hail, sleet, and snow with an empty space in the cooler or shelf where your heart used to be?


We get it.

Fine. Blame “US” for making you so addicted to our hard cider you practically twisted our hairy arms to get this app developed and released for your convenience (smiles).

We named it…

(drum roll please)

Blake’s Cider Finder App


(Click here to TRY)

Clever, eh?

As far as we know there’s nothing else like it from any other hard cider producer because…

…that’s how we ‘roll’ (puts on cool Wayfarer shades).

As a recognizable family brand famous for leading the charge producing some of the most sought after hard-cider all over the country, we knew you’d appreciate a bit of relief from going on a ‘Where’s Waldo’ mad hunt for your favorite Blake cider.

So instead of sitting back and allowing you, our most loyal Blake-inites, to suffer fruitless attempts at snagging your favorite beverage, we’ve been covertly working on a secret operation behind-the-scenes to introduce to you a simple yet effective online and mobile app that gets more of our product into your belly.

Previously, you’d have to physically visit an establishment to find out first hand if it was your lucky day – did they have your favorite or were you forced to settle with second or third best options. Now you know BEFORE hand if you’ll ‘strike it rich’ with one of Blake’s Very Own before stepping foot in any store carrying our brand.

Consider this your Birthday, Anniversary, Valentines, and Christmas present all wrapped into one. It’s the gift that keeps on giving – of flowing – no matter the occasion.

Here’s How It Works In A Nutshell


Click Here Now To Follow Along

Step #1: Click the dropdown menu following “Find” to select your Blake’s beverage of choice

Step #2: Click the drop down menu following “at” for the business type you fancy procuring your Blake’s beverage of choice

Step #3: Click the dropdown menu following “within” to select the number of miles you’re willing to travel for your favorite beverage.

Step #4: Enter your zip code of choice to find said beverage(s) within your vicinity and let it work its magic.

Step #5: Click “Search”

The following page will reveal a Google Map visually detailing all locations where vendors received a recent shipment of our product. Following is a list of all vendors store name, address, phone number and products they carry specifically.

Keep in mind that a recent shipment does NOT mean in stock. Depending on its popularity they can sell out as quickly as they receive it. It’s best to call in to some establishments to confirm availability before making the trip.

Pretty straight forward, right?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to screw this light bulb in because that’s essentially all it is.

Over time we’re sure this process will change more or less to include other robust features and options to refine the user experience, but the general process and concept will forever remain the same.

Click here to try our new cider finder app from the comfort of your computer or cell phone.

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