KINDER CIDERS - Blake's Hard Cider
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Join in on spreading the kindness

The Kindness conversation all started back in 2017 when our Marketing team discovered that the Blake Family has donated over a million pounds of food/produce to food bank non-profits. This information opened our eyes to the opportunity and power a family owned company has to make a real difference within its community and we wanted to take this philanthropy to the hard cider branch of our company.
The Kinder Cider Series was born from an idea to produce impactful ciders that support meaningful causes and their issues. We wanted to stray from the traditional approach of rotating products, where the seasons determine the offering. In contrast to this, our team unanimously decided that there are specific causes that we wanted to use our voice, platform, and liquid to speak up about.
Our team decided to focus on equality, helping the homeless and supporting urban farming initiatives. We’ve partnered with the LGBTQ National Hotline, the Empowerment Plan, and Keep Growing Detroit helping people across the country.
Through the Kinder Cider Series, we’ve donated over $65,000 to our nonprofit partners. Our work to make real impact has only just begun, we are motivated daily by the feedback our customers give us, hand-written letters of love and support have reminded us why this series exists. Thank you to our followers for your support along the way, we look forward to continuing open conversations on how to make a difference within our community.


We have partnered with Keep Growing Detroit, a non-profit raising funds and awareness for Urban Gardens.

An Imperial Cider on a Marvelous Scale

Michigan cherries, oranges, apples, and oak on a marvelous scale. Grand doesn’t show up to the party, it arrives. Made in Support of our nonprofit partners.

Island Timer & KINDER CIDER

Crafted with passion and purpose, this tropical cider is bursting with sweet pineapple, tart passion fruit, and juicy guava. From the pool to the beach, to your own backyard, where there’s passion, pack seeker. Made in support of our nonprofit partners.


Let this pineapple paradise in a can take you on a tropical ride. This balanced semi-sweet hard cider is impactful in more ways than just quenching your thirst.
Rainbow Seeker is a part of the Blake’s #KinderCider Series and crafted with love in support of the LGBT community.


With a devotion to kindness, Saint Chéri is made in support of the Empowerment Plan, a Detroit non profit helping break the cycle of homelessness through employment.