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Blake’s Apple Blossoms in Bloom

As our apple trees begin to blossom, the team here at Blake Farms feels a slight emotion of relief. Two weeks ago most of the state experienced two nights in a row of below freezing temperatures, so Eric Blake headed up a crop protection program with our farm team crew to combat this. First and foremost, our team worked hard to get our wind turbines up and running and monitor them.

These 30-foot-tall fans push the warmer air down across the orchard, because as we all know, heat rises. At times, we can change the temperature at the ground level up to 3 degrees through this turbine method. That’s all it can take in some cases, 2-3 degrees, to protect our vital crop from being destroyed.

Once our blossoms are out of frost-danger, there is still A LOT of work to be done. This week we are in an important stage of fruit growing, bringing in the big guns, the hardest workers on the farm, the Bees of Blake’s! We use two different providers, Bees in the D (a honey bee Detroit-based nonprofit) and Golden Harvest, a honey producer and local bee keeper.


Due to the large number of blossoms that need to be pollinated, it is crucial that we bring in additional bees, as the hives located in the area do not provide enough workers for the number of trees on the property. We need temperatures to exceed 60 degrees continuously to motivate the bees to leave the hive and get to work. Golden Harvest brings in over 40 hives each spring, with around 60,000 bees per hive.



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